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                             Copperplate Podcast 221                                         presented by Alan O'Leary
                                    March  2018

 1. Paddy Glackin:   Top It Off.     Glackin
 2. Teada:
Jamsie Gannon’s March/McDermott’s/Over The Moor to Peggy. Inne Aarach
 3. Raw Bar Collective: The Showman’s Fancy/Charlie Mulvilill’s.
                                                               Millhouse Measures
 4.  Pat Broaders /Open The Door 43: Creeping Jane.
                                                          The Joyful Hour
 5. Open The Door 43:
Heavy Is My Fate. The Joyful Hour
 6. Dan Brouder:   Round The House/The Carrigkerry Slide/Con Cassidy’s.    The Lark’s Air
 7. Leonard Barry:      Kitty Got A Clinking/Sarah’s Reel/The Bogcarrot.    New Road
 8. Bobby Casey:     Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie/My Love is in America.    The Spirit of West Clare                     
 9. Bobby Casey:      
Pol Half’penny/Scully Casey’s HP.
                             The Spirit of West Clare
10. Mary McPartlan : 
Kiss The Mooon:   Petticoat Loose
11.Tommy Guihen:    Kilavil/Andy McGann’s/Lark in The Morning.
                                                                The Torn Jacket
12. The Kane Sisters:  Farewell to Eyrecourt/Stone In The Field/Paddy Fahy’s.        Side By Side
13. Drunken Gaugers:  Doherty’s/Munster Reel/The Hare’s Paw. Drunken Gaugers
14. Dermot Byrne:    Master Seamus.    Dermot Byrne
15. Des Donnelly:     Colonel Fraser. Remember Des Donnelly
16. Paddy Glackin:
    Top It Off/The Sunny Banks.   Glackin

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                    Copperplate Podcast 220                                                        presented by Alan O'Leary
                               February  2018                                        

 1. Paddy GlackinTop It Off.   Glackin
 2. Gatehouse:
Jimmy Giblin’s/The Gneegullia Reel/The Casagh Reel. Tus Nua
 3. Dermot Byrne:   Mulhaire’s/ Yellow Tinker/Daly’s Reel .  Dermot Byrne
 4.  Brid Harper: Jig For Johnny/Finn from Fairymount. Brid Harper
 5. Open The Door 43/Pat Broaders: Carrig Water.
                                     The Joyful Hour
 6. Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello: Richie Dwyer’s/McFadden’s Handsome Daughter.  Grace Bay
 7. Tommy Guihen:    The Killeigh/A Builder of Bridges.
The Torn Jacket    
 8. Rita Gallagher:  On The Banks of A River. The Heathery Hills
        Dermot Byrne: Paddy’s Rambles Through The Park.      Dermot Byrne
 9. Brian Hughes:
The Roscommon Reel/Ah Surely.  
20 Years From Now
 10. Dan Bruder & Angelina Carberry : 
The Kerry Reel/McFadden’s Own/ The Convent Reel: A Waltz for Joy
11. Colum Sands: The Piper In The North Country. Turn The Corner         
12. Cillian Vallely:   The Bull’s March.  The Raven’s Rock
13. Kevin Crawford:   Repeal Of The Union/The Ivy Leaf/The Hut In The Bog. Carrying The Tune
14. We Banjo 3:   The Bunch of Green Rushes/Salt Creek.    
                             Live in Galway
15. Paddy Glackin:
   Top It Off/The Sunny Banks.  Glackin

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