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                          Copperplate Podcast 219                                     presented by Alan O'Leary
                                   January  2018

 1. Paddy Glackin:    Top It Off.        Glackin
 2. Teada:
Lady Montgomery/Follow Me Down/Give The Girl Her 4Pence.  Inne Amarach
 3. Mary McPartlan:   The Holland Handkerchief .   
The Holland Handkerchief
 4. Dan Brouder:
Eddie Kelly’s/The Sailors Cravat/Miss Johnson. The Lark’s Air
 5. Open The Door 43: Church Hill. The Joyful Hour
6. Mulcahy Family:  The Galway Rambler/The Morning Dew/The Boston Sligo Reel.   The Reel Note
7. The Hydes: Green & Blue.   Green & Blue
8. Brendan Hendry & Jonny Toman: The Crosses of Annagh/Cousin Sally Brown. Living Roots
9. We Banjo 3:   
The Bunch of Green Rushes/Salt Creek.    
                              Live in Galway
10. Eilis Kennedy:  
Highway Mack.    Westward
11. Tommy Guihen:   The Navvy On The Shore/Peg McGrath’s/McFadden’s.  The Torn Jacket                 
12. Cillian Vallely:      Cottage In The Grove. The Raven’s Rock
13. Brian Hughes: The Fly By Night/The Tailor’s Twist.  
20 Years From Now
14. Dan Bruder & Angelina Carberry: 
Curlews in the Bog/Tommy Peoples/Monsignor’s Blessing Convent Reel:
                            A Waltz for Joy
15. The Drunken Gaugers:  The Boys of Carrickroe.
                                    The Drunken Gaugers
16. Des Donnelly: The Floggin Reel/Maud Miller/Sean Maguire’s. Remember Des Donnelly

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                               Copperplate Podcast 218                                          presented by Alan O'Leary
                                      December  2017

 1. Paddy GlackinTop It Off.  Glackin
 2. Johnny Og Connolly & Brian McGrath:
Christmas in Spiddal/12 To The Bar. Dreaming Up The Tunes
 3. Tim Dennehy:  The Kerry Christmas Carol. 
Between The Mountain & The Sea
            Hans Araki & Kathryn Claire: Christmas Eve/ Foxhunter’s Reel.  A Winter Solstice Celebration
4. Dan Bruder & Angelina Carberry : 
The Kerry Reel/McFadden’s Own/The Convent Reel: A Waltz for Joy
 5. Tommy Guihen:    Tonn Teine/The Torn Jacket/Longford Spinster. The Torn Jacket
6. Gatehouse:  The Ploughboy.    Gatehouse
    Brian Hughes: Bruach Na Carraige Bainne. This Day 20 Years
7. Noel Hill & Tony Linnane: Old Tipperary/Down The Back Lane. Geantrai  
8. Open The Door 43: The Boy In The Tree. The Joyful Hour
9. Donal Clancy/Danu: Willie Crotty.   Buan                           
10. Kevin Crawford:   The Mountain Lark/Jack In The Box.   Carrying The Tunes
11. Michael O’Brien/Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh:        Gatehouse:  
Farewell To Ireland/The Maid In The Cherry Tree/Mistress Of The House.    Deadly Buzz
12. Jerry Lynch: A Silent Night, Christmas 1916.
                           The Dawning Of The Day
13. The Drunken Gaugers: Joy Of  My Life. The Drunken Gaugers

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