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September 2020
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                                Copperplate Time 327     
                             presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Danu
:   The Garsun Who Beat His Father/Sean Maguire’s/
                Jimmy Kelly’s
. All Things Considered
2. Mulcahy Family:  Mullingar Races/Coen’s Memories/
             Jim Donoghue’s
.  Reelin’ in Tradition
3. Gerry O’Beirne : All Down the Day.  Swimming The Horses
4. Danu:  Co Down.    The Road Less Traveled
5. Paul Brennan:       
London Town.   Airs & Graces
6. Le Cheile:   Connamrera Jig Set.     Lord Mayo
7. John & James Carty:    Streams of Poulaphouca.  
                    The Wavy Bow Collection
8. Dan Brouder:
 Old Maids of Galway/A Letter From Home/
                     Mike Rattley’s .
   The Lark’s Air
9. Eilis Kennedy:  
When I Sleep.    So Ends This Day
10. John Sheahan:    The Winding River   Flirting Fiddles
11. Matt Molloy: The Moving Cloud/The Ivy Leaf. 
                                  Private Recording 
12. Gerry O’Connor:    
Paddy O’Brien Set.  No Place Like Home
13. Hugh Gillespie:   
Farewell to Leitrim.   GLCD3066
14. Mary McPartlan: 
The Lovely Sailor Boy.   
                       The Holland Handkerchief
15. Urnua:   Trip to Letterkenny/Morning Gallop.  Urnua
16. Terry Clarke:   
Dublin Blues.  Private Recording                         
17. Johnny Cash:   40 Shades of Green.   Compilation
18. Walter Hyatt:     This Time Lucille.   King Tears  
19. Rhiannon Giddens/Solas: 
Lay Your Money Down.   Shamrock City
Danu:   The Garsun Who Beat His Father/
                   Sean    Maguire’s/Jimmy Kelly’s
                            All Things Considered

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                                    Copperplate Time 326                                                                      presented by Alan O'Leary                          
1. The Bothy Band
:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Danu:  McCahill’s/Doherty’s/Reel Gan Ainm.
                     The Road Less Traveled
3. Daithi Gormley: Captain Kelly/The Shepherd’s Daughter/
            The Cloone Reel.       Fiddling Without A Bow
4. Gerry O’Beirne : Swimming The Horses. Swimming The Horses
5. Cathal Clohessy & Eamonn  Costello:      
The Strayaway Child.   Bosca Ceoil & Fiddle
6. Liam Farrell & Raymond Roland:  
McGlinchey’s/Cooley’s Hornpipes.     Music from Galway & Clare
7. Bobby Casey:    Tuttle’s/The Porthole of the Kelp.  Maestro
8. Peter O’Loughlin/ Paddy Murphy,Paddy Canny/Geraldine Cotter:
  Kid on the Mountain/Kitty Come Down to Limerick .                                    Friends of Note
9. Danu: 
Farewell Farewell.    The Road Less Traveled
10. Richard Thompson:   Galway to Graceland.   Cropredy Live
11. John McEvoy & John Wynne: The Balmoral          Highlander/Thistle & Shamrock.    The Pride of the West
12. Kathleen Lawrie & Seamus Connolly:  
Kathleen Lawrie’s Reel.  Seamus Connolly Collection
13. Liam O’Flynn:   
Cath Cheim an Fhai.   O’Riada Retrospective
14. Danu: 
The Wonder HP/The Impish HP.    
                 The Road Less Traveled
15. Seamus Ennis:   The Pinch of Snuff/Story.  Private Recording
16. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey:
Mouse in the Mug. Music & Mischief
17. Tony Reidy:   Black Pudding Music.   The Coldest Day in Winter
18. Kevin Burke & Leonard Barry:   
The Millstream/Geese in the Bog/Devils of Dublin.   Sligo Made  
19. Eilis Kennedy:   The Catalpa Rescue 1876    So Ends This Day
20. Patrick St:   The King of Ballyhooley.   Irish Times Times.  
21. The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.  1975

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                               Copperplate Time 325                                                                                 presented by Alan O'Leary
1. The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Patrick St:   Doorus Mill//The Rolling Reel/The Ballygow/
            Denis Murphy’s Reel.   
Irish Times
3. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey: 
The Brightest Star.
            Music & Mischief                                                                         
4. Gerry O’Beirne & Patrick St: In The Land of the Patagarang.                  Irish Times
5. Mick O’Brien & Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh:      
   Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Mairseal Alistrium/Munster Buttermilk.                 Kitty Lie Over
6. Brendan Mulkere & Paul Gallagher:  
The Salamanca/The Crooked Road.     It Was Mighty
7. Frankie Gavin’s 20’s Orch;  Rakes of Clonmel.   By Heck
8. Gerry Harrington:
  The Upchurch Polkas.  At Home
9. Maggie Boyle & Steve Tilston: 
The Lamentation of Hugh                      Reynolds.   Of Moor & Mesa
10. Paddy O’Brien & Tom Shaefer:
            The Groves. The Sailor’s Cravat
11. Peter O’Loughlin/ Paddy Murphy,Paddy Canny/Geraldine              Cotter:    The Traveller/Ah Surely.    Friends of Note
12. Noel Hill:    Banish Misfurtune.    Live in New York
13. Tony Reidy:   
Like A Wild Thing.   The Coldest Day in Winter
14. Seamus Ennis:   The Standing Abbey/The Stack of Barley. 
The Pure Drop
15. Murphy/Clifford/ O’Keeffe:   Apples in Winter/Maids of the                 Green/  The Thrush in the Straw.    Kerry Fiddles
16. Paddy Killoran
:    McGovern’s Fave/Tom Ward’s Downfall.                     Compilation
17. Eilis Kennedy:   When I Sleep    So Ends This Day
18. Ralph McTell:   From Clare to Here.   Right Side Up
19. Dick Gaughan & Ali Bain:   McCrimmon’s Lament/
               Mistress  Johnson’s Fave
.    No More Forever
20. Mulcahy Family:   John Kelly’s/Rip The Calico/
              The New Line to Loughaun.
  The Reel Note 
21. The Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.                    1975

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                                 Copperplate Podcast 251            
                                presented by Alan O'Leary
                                         September 2020

1. Danu: The Garsun Who Beat His Father/Sean Maguire’s/Jimmy                   Kelly’s.       All Things Considered
2. Derrane/Connolly/McGann:
The Curragh Races/The                                 Skylark/The Reconciliation.    The Boston Edge
3. Urnua:  Jig for Mike/The Laughing Spoons.  Urnua
4. Eilis Kennedy:  Ciumhais Charraig Aonair. So Ends This Day
5. Kathleen Loughnane: 
Poll Ha’penny.  Harp to Heart
6. Con Cassidy:
         Con Cassidy’s Jig/Talk/Miss Ramsey’s.  Con Cassidy             
7. Neil Mulligan:
The Morning Thrush/Colonel Fraser. An Tobar Gle
8. Dan Brouder; Eddie Kelly’s/The Sailor’s Cravat/Miss Johnson. The Lark’s Air
9. Mick McAuley/Solas: Michael Conway. Shamrock City
10. Billy Clifford: 
The Dear Irish Boy.   Echoes of Sliabh Luacra
11. Mulcahy Family: Rose in the Heather/The Kilavil Jig/
              An Buachaillin Bui.
The Reel Note
12. Frank Cassidy:
            Tiarna Muigh Eo/Talk/Pinch of Snuff. Nil gar ann!
13. Rita Gallagher:  The Wounded Hussar.  May Morning Dew
14. We Banjo 3:
The Bunch of Green Rushes/Salt Creek.
             Live in Galway

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                                       Copperplate Time 324                                                                             presented by Alan O'Leary
1. The Bothy Band
:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.                                     1975
2. Trian:   The Poor Mans Fortune/The Fiddler’s Key/
                  The Blessings of Silver. 
Trian 2                                              
3. Moving Cloud:  
Paddy Fay’s/Whistle & I’ll Come/
           Woods of Old Limerick . 
4. Brian O’Rourke: A Loaf in the Post. A Loaf in the Post
5. The Drunken Gaugers:      
The Drunken Gauger/O’Sullivan’s                 March/ Humours of Aylehouse.   The Drunken Gaugers
6. Karen Ryan:   Mrs Lawrie/Karen Ryan’s.  The Coast Road
7. Eilis Kennedy:  
          The Emily Ann( A Greenhorn’s Tale).   So Ends This Day
8. Nancy Costello:
           Lucy Farr’s/The Teelin Polka.  Draiocht na Feadoige
9. Noel Hill & Tony McMahon: 
          Lark in the Morning/Joe Cooley’s Jig. Aisling Ceoil
10. Sean  McDonncadha:  
          The Whistling Thief.   The Lark in the Morning
11. Bobby Casey: Toss the Feathers/The College Groves. Maestro
12. Mary MacMahon & Martin Hayes:    Humours of Castlefinn/
             Glen of  Aherlow/The Killarney Boys of Pleasure.  
Mary MacNamara
13. Donal Clancy:
             The Lowlands of Holland.     On The Lonesome Plain
14. O’Brien/Gourley/Sproule:  
             The Balmoral/Dowd’s Favourite.   Bright & Early
15. James Morrison:   The Tap Room/The Moving Bogs.
             From Ballymote to Brooklyn
16. Kev Boyle
:    Bon Cabbage.    Palestine Grove
17. Doc Watson:    
             The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band.   The Vanguard Years
18. Bert Jansch:    Blues Run the Game.   Live in Australia
19. John Renbourn:   My Sweet Potato.   Live in Italy
20. Eilis Kennedy:   Who Knows Where The time Goes.  
              Time to Sail
21. Fairport Convention:   Meet On The Ledge.   An Introduction 
22. The Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.  1975

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                           Copperplate Time 323
                        presented by Alan O'Leary

1. The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Cathal McConnell: A Hurricane of Reels.
             Long Expectant Comes at Last
3. Hayes/Canny/O’Loughlan/Lafferty:
       Humours of Castlefinn/Glen of Aherlow. An Historic Recording
4. Dan Brouder: Humours of Ballingarry/The Pilgrimage/
       Streams of Killanspig. The Lark’s Air
5. Robbie McMahon: The Fleadh Down in Ennis. Private Recording
6. Chris Droney: The Reel of Mullinavat/The Whistling                                 Postman/Chattering Magpie. Down From Bell Harbour
7. Willie Clancy: The Plains of Boyle/The Leitrim Fancy.
         Seoltai Seidte
8. Peter O’Loughlin/ Paddy Murphy/Paddy Canny/Geraldine Cotter:
         Duke of Leinster/Chattering Magpie. Friends of Note
9. Eilis Kennedy:   Love Was True to Me.   So Ends This Day
10. Altan:    A Tune for Frankie.    Blackwater
11. Paddy Carty & Conor Tully:
          Dowd’s/In Memory of Coleman. Traditional Music of Ireland
12. Kevin Burke & Leonard Barry: The Clog/Abbey’s Green Isle/                  O’Keefe’s.   Sligo Made
13. Andy Irvine & Mozaik:   O’Donoghue’s.  Changing Trains
14. Liam O’Flynn: Humours of Kiltyclogher/Julia Clifford’s.
           The Piper’s Call
15. Tommy & Siobhan Peoples:
           Farrell O’Gara/Mulvihills.   Tommy Peoples
16. Dick Gaughan:   Freedom Come All Ye.   The Harvard Tapes
17. Teada:    Nora Criona.    Inne Amarach
18. Shirley & Dolly Collins: All Things Are Quite Silent. Snapshot
19. Andy McGann & Paddy Reynolds:
Golden Keyboard/Kiss Me Kate. Andy McGann & Paddy Reynolds
20. Brian O’Rourke:   Long Road to Loughrea.   A Loaf in the Post
21. Frankie Gavin’s 20’s Orch:   By Heck Barndance.   By Heck
22, Hayes/Canny/O’Loughlan/Lafferty:   Rolling in the Barrel/
            In The Tap Room/The Earl’s Chair.   An Historic Recording
23. The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975

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                                      Copperplate Time 322
                                   presented by Alan O'Leary
1. The Bothy Band
: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Macalla:  Blackberry Blossom/Lord McDonnell’s/
    Vincent Broderick’s. 
Women of Ireland                                              
3. Mike Conneely & Dave Munnelly:   
        Rakes of Kildare/Haley’s Fave/Flanagan’s      Tis What It Is
4. Eilis Kennedy:   A Sailor’s Trade.    So Ends This Day
5. Charlie Lennon:   Sailing Thru Loughrea/The Mountain Dew.                  Turning The Tune                                                                      
6. Paddy O’Brien:   The Sailor’s Cravat/The Maple Leaf. 
           The Sailor’s Cravat
7. Patsy  Moloney:
The Humours of Carrigaholt/Donal                               O’Phumpa.    The Temple in the Glen
8. Open The Door 4 3:   
Church Hill.    The Joyful Hour
9. Clannad:   
Coinleach Ghlas an Fhomair.    Clannad 2
10. Bobby Casey:     Hurry The Jug.     Maestro
11. Peter O’Loughlin/ Paddy Murphy/Paddy Canny/Geraldine Cotter:   The Kildare Fancy/Kit O’Mahony’s.  Friends of Note
12. Micho Russell:  John Phillip Holland. The Man from Clare
13. Packie Duignan & Seamus Horan:    Brian O’Lynn/Rose in                     the Heather   Music from  Leitrim
14. Brendan McGlinchey:   
           McGlinchey’s/ The Acrobat.   Music of a Champion
15. Christy Moore:  
Black is the Colour. Live in Dublin
16. Neil  Mulligan:     Black is the Colour. Barr na Cuille
17. Con  O’Driscoill
:    The Miltown 14.    The Spoons Murder
18. Eithne Ni Uallachain:    Lughnasa Damhsa.     Bilingua
19. De Dannan:    Caracastle Lasses/Tailor’s Thimble/Sheahan’s. Download
20. The Bothy BandGreen Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.  1975

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                             Copperplate Podcast 250             
                             presented by Alan O'Leary
                                         August 2020

1. Danu: The Garsun Who Beat His Father/Sean Maguire’s/
            Jimmy Kelly’s.
    All Things Considered
2. Sean O’Driscoll:
Kathleen Collin’s/Paddy Cronin/Rita Keane’s.             So There You Go
3. Kevin Burke:
The Gallowglass/ Coach Road to Sligo. Sligo Made
4. Dick Gaughan/Solas:  Labour Song. Shamrock City
5. James Carty: 
Queen’s HP/Down the Meadow. Upon My Soul
6. Bobby Casey:  Poll Ha’penny/ Murphy's HP.   Maestro               
7. Dan Brouder & Angelina Carberry:
Curlews in the  Bog/Tommy Peoples/Monsignor’s Blessing.
A Waltz for Joy
8. Eilis Kennedy:   When I Sleep.   So Ends This Day
9. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey:   
The Mouse in the Mug.  Music & Mischief
10. Brian Hughes: 
The Plane of the Plank/The Pleasures of Hope. 
                         The Beat of the Breath
11. Murphy/Canny/O’Loughlin/Cotter:
Queen of the Fair/High Part of the Road.   Friends of Note
12. Mick O’Brien:
Statia Donnelly’s/ I Will If I Can/
                 Patsy Geary’s
.               May Morning Dew
13. Noel Hill:  Dr Gilbert’s/Road to Garrison.  Live in New York
14. Teada:
Lady Montgomery/Follow Me Down/Give the Girl Her 4pence/Tie the Bonnet.      Inne Amarach

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                                    Copperplate Time 321
                                   presented by Alan O'Leary
1. The Bothy Band
: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Noel Hill & Tony Linane:  The Humours of                    Ballyconnell/Drunken Landlady/Maudabawn Chapel.   
Noel Hill & Tony Linnane                                              
3. John Doyle:   
Teelin Harbour.     The Path of Stones
4. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey: Mouse in the Mug. Music & Mischief
5. Caroline Keane:   
Gatehouse Maid/Arkle Mountain/Strawberry Blossom. Shine                                                                    
6. Kevin Burke:   Humours of Castlefinn/The Ewe Reel/ McFadden’s.  Sligo Made
7. Eilis Kennedy:  
The Emily Anna.    So Ends This Day
8. Kevin Crawford:   
Banks of the Suir/Mama’s Pet.   
                In Good Company
9. Eileen O’Brien & Anne Conroy Burke:
Down the Lane/The Lanes to the Glen.    The Fiddler’s Choice   10. Caoimhin O’Fearghaill: 
Humours of Cloyne/Whelan’s Old Sow.  
Uilleann Piping from Waterford
11. Con  O’Driscoil:   The Spoons Murder.    It’s No Secret
12.  James  Carthy: Boys of the Lough/  Devils of Dublin.
Upon My Soul                                           
13. Joe Whelan & Liam Farrell:   The Battle of Aughrim/Roland’s.           They Sailed Away from Dublin Bay
14. Sean  ac Donncha:    An Abhainn ( The Owenmore).
Bring My Love to Conamara
15. Micho Russell:  
The Mason’s Apron/Gan Ainm. The Man from Clare
16. Johnny Og Connolly:  
The Blackthorn Stick/Humours of Glendart/  Paidin O’Raffertaigh. Fear Inis Bearachain
17. Ben Lennon & Friends:   
The Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land. The Natural Bridge
18. Solas
:    No Forgotten Man.    Shamrock City
19. Daithi Gormley:   Captain Kelly/Shepherd’s Daughter/
         The Cloone Reel
.    Fiddling Without A Bow
20. The Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.  1975

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                                      Copperplate Time 320
                                   presented by Alan O'Leary
1. The Bothy Band
: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Noel Hi; & Tony McMahon:  The Ashplant/Humours of Castlefinn.  Knock na Gree                                              
3. Patrick Street:   
Up To Your Neck in Sand/Coffey’s Reel/
              John Brennan’s.
        Made in Cork
4. Seamus Creagh:   In Praise of Mullingar.  It’s No Secret
5. Moving Cloud:   Cape Breton Dream/ The Champion’s Jig.                                  Foxglove
6. Caoimhin O’Fearghaill:  Johnny Cope.  
Uilleann Piping from Waterford
7. Karen Ryan:  
Mr’s Lawrie/Karen Ryan’s HPs.   The Coast Road
8. Eilis Kennedy:   
Ciumhais  Charraig Aonair.    So Ends This Day
9. Tommy McCarthy: Na Ceannabhain Bhana/
                   Will You Come Down to Limerick.
  Sporting Nell
10. Liam Flynn:    Cath Cheim an Fhia.    O’Riada Retrospective 87
11. Bobby Casey: Reel of Mullinavat/Tie the Ribbons.               Maestro                                                     
12. Peter O’Loughlin/ Paddy Murphy,Paddy Canny/Geraldine Cotter:  The Traveller/Ah Surely.    Friends of Note
13. Tim Dennehy:   A Winter’s Tear.  Old Boots & Flying Sandals
14. Urnua:    Inishboffin.      Urnua
15. John McCarthy & Brian Rooney:
       The Bunch of Green Rushes/The Stone in the Field/ Corry Hilly.
                At Complete Ease
16. Open the Door For Three:
The Boy in the Tree. The Joyful Hour
17. Paddy Breen:  Sweet Iniscarra.  The Voice of the People Vol 4
18. Gerry Harrington
       Out of the Mist/Bells of Lismore/Furze in Bloom.
 At Home
19. Noel Hill:   Clancy & Ennis Set.   Live in New York
20. Le Cheile:  Brook Reel/Offaly Reel/Castlekelly/
           Maids of    Castlebar.    Out of the West
21. The Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.  1975

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                                       Copperplate Time 319
                                   presented by Alan O'Leary
1. The Bothy Band
: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Martin Mulhaire/Seamu Connolly/Jack Coen/ Felix Dolan
       Imelda Roland’s/Paddy Kelly’s/Swinging on the  Gate.
Warming Up                                              
3. Noel Hill & Tony Linnane:   
Old Tipperary/Down the Back Lane.    Geantrai
4. Jerry Lynch:  The Dimming of the Day. The Dimming of the Day
5. Bobby Casey:   The Drunken Gauger.                                                               Maestro                                                     
6. Eilis Kennedy:   
When I Sleep.    So Ends This Day
7. Mick O’Brien & Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh: 
The Lass of Carracastle/The Morning Dew/Geese in the Bog.           Deadly Buzz
8. Peter O’Loughlin/ Paddy Murphy,Paddy Canny/Geraldine Cotter:
The Merry Sisters/Kiss The Maid Behind the Barrell.  
     Friends of Note
9. Dick Gaughan/Solas:   Labour Song.   Shamrock City
10. Willie Clancy:    
The Groves. The Gold Ring
11. Tony & Junior Crehan:   
Scully’s & Bobby’s Jigs.   Ceol agus Fionn 
12. Brid O’Donohue & Seamus O’Rochain:  
We’ll Meet in Miltown/The Sloping Meadows/Ellis’
                       We’ll Meet in Miltown
13. Daoiri Farrell:   A Pint of Plain.  A Lifetime of Happiness
14. Kevin Burke & John Carty:
Owen Davey’s/ Patsy Sean Nancy’s Reel.      Sligo Made
15. Martin Mulhaire:
Carmel O’Mahoney Mulhaire’s. Warming Up
16. Patrick s Street:   
The Man With the Cap.      Patrick Street 1
17. Judy Collins:   My Father. The Colours of Day
18. Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies
:   Sod All.   The Parish Notices
19. Eilis Kennedy:   The Petticoat Whalers.   So Ends This Day
20. Solas:  Tell God & the Devil.  Shamrock City
21. The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.  1975

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                      Copperplate Podcast 249                                                                          presented by Alan O'Leary
                                   July 2020

1. Paddy GlackinTop It Off.    Glackin
2. Jake Walton:
We Are the Music Makers.  Silver Muse
3. Liz & Yvonne Kane:
Farewell to Eyrecourt/Stone in the                                       Field/Paddy Fahy’s.    Side By Side
4. Leonard Barry:  Kitty Got A Clinking/Sarah’s Reel/
                       The Bog Carrot.
New Road
5. Jerry Lynch: 
Hard Times. The Dawning of the Day
6. Patsy Moloney: The Fairy Wind. Temple in the Glen
7. Bobby Casey: 
 Dr Gilbert/Queen of May. Maestro
8. Eilis Kennedy: Ciumhais Charraig Aonair.  So Ends This Day
9.  Johnny Og Connolly: Suantrai James & Eilidh Patricia.
                               Fear Inis Bearachain
10. Mick McAuley/Solas: 
Michael Conway.  Shamrock City
11. Kevin Burke : Canyon Moonrise. Sligo Made
12. Murphy/Canny/O’Loughlin/Cotter:
The Kid on the                         Mountain/Kitty Come Down.  Friends of Note
13. Bobby Casey: Toss The Feathers/College Groves.  Maestro
14. Eilis Kennedy:
   Petticoat Whalers.  So Ends This Day
15. Rhiannon Giddens/Solas
                      Lay Your Money Down. Shamrock City

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                                    Copperplate Time 318
                                   presented by Alan O'Leary
1. The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Thatch CB:  Whistler at the Wake/Brodrick’s/Crock of Gold. 
                     The Legacy                                              
3. Seamus Maguire & John Lee:   
The Road to Ballymac/
             Corriga Grove/ The Cloone Reel.
   The Missing Reel
4. Roger Sherlock & Kevin Taylor:    Sherlock’s/Mama’s Pet/The      Dairy Maid/Old Blackthorn/The Galtee Ranger.  Private Recording
5. Martin Connolly:   Sean McGlynn;s/The Woods Of Old Limerick.
The Fort of Kimcora                                                     
6. Hayes/Canny/O’Loughlin/Lafferty: 
             The Castle/The Nightingale.     An Historic Recording
7. Altan:    The Jug of Punch.    Island Angel
8. Kev Boyle/Movies CB:   
The 23rd of June.    Bon Cabbage
9. Paddy Carty & Mick O’Connor:  
         The Jug of Punch/Cottage Groves.   Shanachie 34017
10. Noel Hill:    
The Holy Bush/Pigtown. Live in New York
11. Roger Sherlock & Charlie Lennon:   
          Carracastle Lasses/The Steam Packet.  Private Recording
12. Patsy Touhey:  The Shaskeen Reel.   Francis O’Neill’s Cylinders
13. Padraic O’Conghaile:   Eochaill.  Bring My Love to Connemara
14. O’Loughlin/ Murphy,Canny/Cotter:
            The London Lasses/Star of Munster. Friends of Note
15. Mary  McPartlan:
                Slieve Gallion Braes.   The Holland Handkerchief
16. Urnua:  
Down the Hill to Carlow/Jackie the Adopted.   Urnua
17. Kevin Burke & Leonard Barry:   
John O’Connor’s/The Hungry Rock/ A Night at the Fair.  Sligo Made
18. Roger Sherlock & Mary Conroy
               Queen of May/Anderson’s.
  Memories of Sligo
19. Burke /McGann /Dolan:   The Girl Who Broke my Heart
                             A Tribute to Michael Coleman
20. Allan Taylor:   Gently Does It.    Lines
22. Roger Sherlock & Kevin Taylor:  
                 A Stor Moi Chroi & 3 Reels.  Private Recording
23. The Bothy BandGreen Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.  1975

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                                       Copperplate Time 317
                                   presented by Alan O'Leary
1. The Bothy Band
: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Patrick Street:  Bring Back the Child/Paidin O’Raferty. 
                                Made In Cork                                              
3. Johnny Og Connolly:   
Sligo Maid/Silver Spear.    
                               Fear Inis Bearachain
4. Solas:    All That You Ask Me.  Another Day
5. Kane Sisters 3 Deer & A Hare/Pangur Ban.
                             Side by Side                                                       
6. Nancy Costello:  The Green Mountain/Nweansai’s Reel.                                         Draiocht na Feadoige
7. John Doyle:    Her Long Hair Flowing Down/ Knock na Chroi/
             Beltra Fair/Aughris Head. 
 The Path of Stones
8. Paddy Canny:   
The Morning Dew.    Friends of Note
9. John Regan & Paddy Glackin:   Maid at the Spinning Wheel/
                     A Visit to Ireland.    
Let Down the Blade
10. Kevin Henry:    
Kiss the Maid in Bed/Lady on the Island.Peg Kelley’s Black Cat/Tom Ward’s/The New Policeman.
                                One’s Own Place
11. Caoimhin O’Fearghaill:   
                    La le Padraig.  Uilleann Piping from Wexford
12. Jake Walton:  We Are The Music Makers.   Silver Muse
13. Mairtin Byrnes:   St Ruth’s Bush/Paddy Kelly’s.  It Was Mighty
14. PJ Conlon:  Colonel McBain’s Reel. The Genius  of Peter Conlon
15. Andy Irvine/Patrick St:
              The Rainbow ‘Mid the Willows.    Made in Cork
16. Christy Moore: 
Does This Train Stop at Merseyside.  Listen 
17. Kate & Anna McGarrigle:    Talk to Me of Mendocino.    
                               The McGarrigle Hour
18. Chaim Tannenbaum :   
Time on My Hands.
                               The McGarrigle Hour
19. Eilis Kennedy:   The Parting Song.  One Sweet Kiss
20. The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.  1975

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                        Copperplate Podcast 248                                                
                       presented by Alan O'Leary
                                       June 2020
1. Paddy Glackin: Top It Off.    Glackin
2. Crawford & Vallely:
The Millhouse Set.
On Common Ground Ground    
3. Noel Hill:   The Gold Ring.   Live in New York
4. Mary McPartlan:  Sanctuary         Petticoat Loose
5. Catherine McEvoy:
Banchnoic Eireann O. The Home Ruler
6. Canny/Murphy/O’Loughlin/Cotter:
Duke of Leinster/Chattering Magpie.      Friends of Note
7. Tim Dennehy: 
 The Parted Years. Old Boots & Flying Sandals
8. Brid Harper: Edward on Lough Erne’s Shore/
             Larry Reynold’s  Fancy/Sheba’s Jig.     
Brid Harper
9. Mulcahy Family: Galway Rambler/Morning Dew/
                         The Boston Sligo Reel.
  The Reel Note
10. Bobby Casey:    
Tuttle’s Reel/Porthole of the Kelp.   Maestro
11. Brendan McAuley: The Crooked Road/
            Temple and Gleanntain.  
The McCartney’s of Pennyburn
12. Eilis Kennedy:
John O’ Dreams.   Westward
13. Tommy Peoples :  The Musical Priest/McFadden’s
Tommy Peoples
14. Carty & Tully:  Hide & Go Seek/Eddie Kelly’s.
                      Trad Music of Ireland
15. Urnua:
The Flying Magpies/A Roll of the Dice/Just Another Dilemma. Urnua
16. Canny/O’Loughlin/Cotter: The Yellow Tinker/
                           The Dublin Reel.
  Friends of Note


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                                     Copperplate Time 315
                                   presented by Alan O'Leary
1. The Bothy Band
: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Trian: The Poor Man’s Fortune/The Fiddler’s Key/
                The Blessings of Silver.
  Trian 2                                              
3. Dailthi Sproule:   
The Maid of Ballydoo.    Lost River Vol 1
4. Caroline Keane:  The Leading Role/Matt Peoples/The Curlew.                                           Shine
5. Paul O’Shaughnessy & Harry Bradley The Further,
   The Deeper/Born for Sport.
  Born For Sport                                                   
6. Benny McCarthy: 
The Quilty Fisherman/Planxty Joe Burke.                           Press & Draw
7. Niamh de Burce:    Ye Lovers All.   Where The Heart Lies
8. Paddy Carty:   
Paddy Kelly’s/Mullingar Lea.    Shanachie 34017
9. Sean  Maguire:   The Crib of Perches/Around The World. Best of
10. John  McKenna:    
Dever the Dancer/Connie the Soldier.                                 The Buck from the Mountain
11. Michael Walsh:   Quarehawk. Quarehawk
12. Andy Irvine:   King Bore & the Sandman.
                           Old Dog, Long Road Vol 1
13. Drunken Guagers:  The Drunken Gauger.  
                           The Drunken Gaugers
14.  Dick Gaughan: The Lads of the Fair/Leith Docks.  Parallel Lines
15. Mary McPartlan:   
Wild Mountain Side.       Petticoat Loose 
16. Terry Clarke:    Sligo Honeymoon 1946.    The Shelley River
17. Moziak
:   My Little Carpenter.  The Long & Short of It
18. Ralph McTell:    Care in the Community.  Sand in Your Shoes
19. Gerry Rafferty:   Shipyard Town.  North & South
20. The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.  1975

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                        Copperplate Podcast 247                                                 
                       presented by Alan O'Leary
                                       May 2020
 1. Paddy Glackin: Top It Off.    Glackin
2. London Lasses:
Farewell to Cailroe/The Berehaven/
Fahy’s.    The One I Loved The Best   
3. Dan Brouder:   
Humours of Ballingarry/The Pilgrimage/
           The Streams of Killanspig
.   The Lark’s Air
4. Brendan McGlinchey:   Splendid Isolation/McGlinchey’s.   
Music of a Champion
5. Kathleen Loughnane:
Carolan’s Farewell to Music.
               Harp to Heart
6. Patsy Moloney:  The Sweetheart/Farewell to London.
              The Temple in the Glen
7. Danny Meehan & Michael O’Connell: 
 Tom Ward’s                  Downfall/Crossing the Shannon. Navvy On The Shore
8. Mary McPartlan:  The Tide Full In.  The Holland Handkerchief
9. Urnua: The Ballybrit Dip/Up & Over. Urnua
10. Cillian Vallely:    
The Leitrim Thrush.   The Raven’s Rock
11. Paddy O’Brien: The Singing Kettle/Sean Ryan’s.  
      The Sailor’s Cravat
12. Sean Tyrrell:
Dan O’Hara.   And So The Story Goes
13. Kevin Burke:   Fahy’s HP/Foxhunter’s Reel. Sligo Maid
14. Noel Hill:  Johnny Cope.  Live in New York
15. Sean O’Driscoll & Larry Egan:
Trip to Birmingham/
       Down the  Broom/The Ivy Leaf
. The Kitchen Recordings
16. Brenday Hendry & Jonny Toman: Return to Clinch              Mountain/Micho’s Masons. The Living Roots
17. We Banjo 3: Wynne’s. Roots to Rise Live
18. Paddy Glackin
: Top It Off/Sunny Banks.    Glackin


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                                Copperplate Podcast 246                                    
presented by Alan O'Leary
  April 2020

           A Salute to the Music of the Lennon Family

. Paddy Glackin: Top It Off.    Glackin
2. Ben Lennon & Friends:
The Girl Who Broke my Heart/
                  Billy Brocker.
  Within A Mike of Kilty   
3. Charlie Lennon:   
Sound Man, Eamonn.   Turning the Tune
4. Ben Lennon & Tony O’Connell:   
Murphy’s HP/The Smokey Chimney.   Rossinver Braes
5. Maurice & Brian Lennon:  
The Gold Ring. The Little Ones
6. Ben & Charlie Lennon: The Primrose Polka. The Natural Bridge
7. Mariane Knight/Ceide:
The Man in the Moon. Out of Their Shell
8. Ben Lennon & Tony O’Connell: 
The Cavan Reel/The Galway Rambler. Rossinver Braes
9. John Joe Gordon: The Enchanted Lady/Maids of Castlebar.                           Within A Mile of Kilty
10. Johnny Connolly & Charlie Lennon:
The Friendly Robin/The Dawn Chorus.  Drioball na Fainleoige
11. Ben & Charlie Lennon: The Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land.
                                 The Natural Bridge
12. Maurice Lennon:
The Road to Garrison/
               The Blackberry Blossom
.   The Little Ones
13. Ben Lennon & Tony O’Connell:  
Cherish The Ladies. Rossinver Braes
14. Ben Lennon & Friends:  Farrell O’Gara/Lucy Campbell’s.  
                 The Natural Bridge
15. Maurice Lennon:   
If Ever You Were Mine.  The Little Ones

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                              Copperplate Podcast 245                                 presented by Alan O'Leary
     March 2020

1. Paddy Glackin: Top It Off.    Glackin
2. Le Cheile:
The Brook Reel/The Offaly Reel/Castle Kelly/
               Maids of Castlebar
.     Out of the West   
3. Tim Dennehy:  
I Know What I’m Missing.
                      Old Boots & Flying Sandals
4. John McEvoy & John Wynne:   An Suisin Ban/Humours of       Castlebernard. The Pride of the West
5. Johnny Og Connolly:
Fear Inis Bearachain/Fear Londain/Fear Bhoston. Fear Inis Bearachain
6. Kevin Burke:
Owen Davey’s Reel/Patsy Sean Nancy’s Reel.
                          Sligo Made
7. Eilis Kennedy: 
 The Elk River Dam. One Sweet Kiss
8. Brid Harper: Flower of Sweet Strabane/Green fields of Glentown/Farewell to Ireland/Flower of Sweet Strabane.  
                          Brid Harper
9. Billy Clifford: The Smokey Chimney/Rose of Droshane.
                    Echoes of Sliabh Luachra
10. Gerry Harrington:
Lad O’Beirne’s/Sault’s Own/The New Century. At Home
11. Kev Boyle & Le Cheile: The Pride of Kildare. Out of the West
12. Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy:
Repeal of the Union/My Sweetheart Jane.   The Wind Among The Reeds
13. Dan Brouder & Angelina Carberry: Tatter Jack Walsh/The Reaper/The Alna Jig. A Waltz for Joy
14. Neil Mulligan:   The Stoney Steps/The Dooneen Reel.   
                      An Tobar Gle
15. Eilis Kennedy:
The Parting Song.  One Sweet Kiss

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