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October 2019
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                            Copperplate Time 292
                         presented by Alan O'Leary

                       Return to London 2019 Preview

 I. Van Morrison & The Chieftains
: High Spirits.
                        The Philosophers Stone
2. Karen Ryan:  Galway Reel/Musical Priest/Sailor on the Rock.  The Coast Road                          
3. Altan:    
Dark Inishowen/Temple House/John Mosey McGinley.   The Gap of Dreams
4. Michelle Mulcahy:    
Galway Bay/Peacock’s Feather #2.    Suaimhneas
5. Louise Mulcahy:
O’Callaghan’s Low/Mrs Crotty’s HP.   
                   Turning The Tunes
6. Paraic MacDonnachadha:   
Miss McGuinness/Kitty Gone A Milking/Gilbert Clancy’s.  Not Before Time
.  Caoimhin & Sean O’Fearghail/Tomas O’Gealbhain:   The Stone in the Field/The Diplodcus/ By Golly.      La ag O’L Uisce
8.  Len Graham/Skylark:   Bound for Castle Garden.
                             Raining Bicycles
9.  Johnny Og Connolly & Cliodhna Costello:    
Boys of Blue Hill/Stack of Barley.   Fear Inis Bearachain
10.  Eileen O’Brien:  
Hills of Tipperary/Larry’s Favourite.
                         Aon le h’Aon
11.  Noel Hill:Ask My Father/Boys of Blue Hill.Irish Concertina Vol 2
12.  Mulcahy Family: The Rolling Hills of Brosna/Colonel McBain.  The Reel Note
13.  Paddy Tutty: 
 The Wicklow HP/Tommy Maguires #4. 
                          Flute & Fiddle
14.  Caoimhin O’Fearghail & Paddy Tutty:   Tapping Toes/Fr Kelly’s Farewell.   Flute & Fiddle
15.  Paraic MacDonnchadha:  
Paddy Kelly’s/Tommy Cohen’s.   Not Before Time
16.  Brian Rooney:     Granpa Tommy’s CB/The Knocknagow. 
It Was Mighty
17.  Tom O’Connell & Mick O’Connor: Cronin’s/The Western HP.          It Was Mighty
18.   James Carty:    McDonagh’s Sporting Nell/Barr na Cuille.    Hiding Daylight in Dark Corners 
19.  Pat Connolly:     Neansin Bhan.    Trad Songs inIrish
20.  Denis McMahon/Con Curtin/Julia Clifford:   O’Callagan’s/The Hare’s Paw.     It Was Mighty
21. Karen Ryan:  Mrs Lawrie’s/Karen Ryan’s. The Coast Road
22.  Van Morrison & The Chieftains:  High Spirits.
                 The Philosophers Stone

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                        Copperplate Time 291
                       presented by Alan O'Leary
I. Van Morrison & The Chieftains: High Spirits.
                 The Philosophers Stone
2. Crawford, Farrell & Doocey:  The Pelican Marsh.  
                  Music & Mischief                          
3. Des O’Halloran:    
Sweet Iniscara.   Men of the Island
4. Urnua:    
Inishbofin.    Urnua
5. Des & Vince O’Halloran:
Music in the Glen/Green Fields of America.     Men of the Island
6. Mick O’Brien & Tery Crehan:   
Farewell to Miltown/West Clare Railway/Sporting Nell.  May Morning Dew
.  Tina Eck & Keith  Carr:   Old Man Dillon/Road to Damascus/Johnny Harling’s.    Lilt X
8.  Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh:    Bean Dubh A’Gleanna.    
               Foxglove & Fuschia
9.  Byrne/Cooyne/Doyle:  
Paddy from Aghera/Con McGinley’s/Loch Isle Castle.  Liag
10.  Des O’Halloran:   
Moorlough Mary.   Men of the Island
11.  Matt Molloy:    Morning Thrush.    Shadows on Stone
12.  Mikie Smith: The Downfall of Paris.  Private Recoording
13.  Frankie Gavin’s Roaring 20’s Orch:
Galway Farewell. By Heck
14.  Dick Gaughan:   A Song for Ireland.   The Harvard Tapes
15.  Bert Jansch:  
October Song.   Crimson Moon
16.  Tim O’Brien Band:     Pastures of Plenty.  Tim O’Brien Band
17.  Grateful Dead:   Ripple.  Compilation
18.   Des O’Halloran & Sharon Shannon:    Say You Love Me.                            Diamond Mountain Sessions
19.  Ralph  McTell:     Fear of Flying.    Sand in your Shoes
20.  Fairport Convention:   Meet on the Ledge. 
What We Did on Our Holidays
21.  Van Morrison & The Chieftains:  High Spirits.
                     The Philosophers Stone


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                      Copperplate Podcast 240                            
                      presented by Alan O'Leary
                                October 2019

1. Paddy Glackin: Top It Off.    Glackin
2. Ceide:  
Harrison’s Fedora/Boyne Hunt/New Rigged Ship.  
                    Out of Their Shell
3. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey:   
Bang, Bang.    Music & Mischief
4. Paul Brennan/Carrig:    The Factory Girl.  Airs & Graces
5. Johnny Og Connolly: La Belle Ella/Glen Swillys Waltz.
                    Fear Inis Bearachain
6. Danny Meehan: Japanese HP/McCormack’s Barndance.  
                        Navvy on the Shore
7. Teresa Mullane:
An Boc Ban. Lan Mara
8. Mick O’Brian: May Morning Dew/Sporting Nell. May Morning Dew
9. Urnua:  
Links By The Bay/Salthill Prom.  Urnua
10. Patsy Moloney:
The Sweetheart/Farewell to London.
                   The Temple in the Glen
11. Dave Munnelly & Mick Conneely:
McGovern’s Fave/Colonel Fraser.     Tis What It Is
12. Goitse:  The Queen of Argyll.   Ur
13. The Outside Track:   Dark Reels.   Rise Up
14. Des O’Halloran:
Say You Love Me.
The Diamond Mountain Sessions.
15. Liam O’Flynn:   Dark Woman of the Glen.  The Piper’s Call

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                               Copperplate Time 290
                            presented by Alan O'Leary
 I. Van Morrison & The Chieftains
: High Spirits.
                           The Philosophers Stone
2. Moving Cloud:    Col McBain/Grogan’s Fave/Sailor on the Rock.                                Moving Cloud
3. Crawford, Farrell & Doocey: 
The Pure Irish Drops Set.  
                               Music & Mischief                          
4. Nell Ni Chroinin/Danu:    
Master McGrath.   10,000 Miles
5. Dublini Lasses:
The Munster March/The Gatehouse Maid/Road to Glencar. Dublin Lasses
6. Brendan McGlinchey:   Dr Gilbert/The Queen of May. 
Private Recording
.  Patsy Moloney:   Humours of Carrigahotl/Donal O’Phumpa.   
                           The Temple in the Glen
8.  Paul Brennan:    Bonnie Blue Eyed Lassie.    Airs & Graces
9.  Johnny  Og Connolly:     
Ril Mhairtin Sheamus/The Ashplan.
                                Fear Inis Breachain

10.  Urnua: 
The Ballybrit Dip/Up & Over.  Urnua
11.  Ceide:    The Man in the Moon.    Out of Their Shell
12.  Paul Brennan/Carrig: The Piper’s Jig/Swan Among the Rushes/Behind the Bush in the Garden.  Airs & Graces
13.  Teresa Mullane:  
    Caoineadh na dTri Muire.   Lan Mara
14.  Bert Jansch:   Lady Nothing.   LA Turnaround
15.  Bert Jansch:  
Mountain Stream Where the Moorcock Crows.  
                               The Ornament Tree
16.  The Dubliners:     The Black Velvet Band.  The Collection
17.  Doc Watson:   The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band. 
The Vanguard Years
18.   Peter Rowan:    Moonlight Midnight.      New Freedom Bell
19.  Red Clay Ramblers:     The Ace.    Twisted Laurel
20.  Solas:  Lay Your Money Down.  Shamrock City
21.  We Banjo 3:  Puncheon Floor. Roots to Rise Live
22.  Van Morrison & The Chieftains:  High Spirits. The Philosophers Stone

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Copperplate Podcast 239                                                                             

             presented by Alan O'Leary
                    September 2019

 1. Paddy Glackin: Top It Off.    Glackin
 2. Goitse:   
The Dog Reels.       Ur
 3. Dan Brouder & Angelina Carberry:
McCarthy’s/The Basket of Oysters/East of Glendart. A Waltz for Joy
4. Paul Brennan:    The Banks of the Bann.   
                        Airs & Graces
5. Ciaomhin O’Fearghail & Paddy Tutty: Kilglass Lakes/Farewell to Ballinahulla.    Flute & Fiddle
6. Johnny Og Connolly: Fear Inis Bearachain/Fear Londain/Fear Bhostain.  Fear Inis Bearachain
7. Cillain Vallely:
Cottage in the Grove.
                       The Raven’s Rock
8. Rita Gallagher:   Erin’s Green Shore.
                     The Heathery Hills
9. Paddy Glackin: 
Cherish The Ladies.  Glackin
10. Patsy Moloney:
Dooney Rock/Paddy Fahy’s. The Temple in the Glen
11. Urnua:
Sporting Galway/The White Plains/Threadneedle Reel. Urnua
12. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey:
The Mouse in the Mug.    Music & Mischief
13. Paul Brennan/Carrig:    The Piper’s Jig/The Swans Among the Reeds/ Behind the Bush in the Garden.  Airs & Graces
14. Luke Daniels:
Goosberry Bush/The Rainy Day/Spike Island Lasses.   The Mighty Box
15. We Banjo 3:   Prettiest Little Girl.   
                 Roots to Rise Live

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                         Copperplate Podcast 238                                                            presented by Alan O'Leary
                                   August 2019

 1. Niamh Ni Charra:   Top It Off.    Happy Out
 2. Daithi Gormley:   
My Love is Fair & Handsome/Maids of Mt Kisco/Clancy’s Fancy.       Fiddling Without A Bow
3. Tommy Peoples:
The Boy in the Gap/Cronin’s Reel.
                          Tommy Peoples
4. Clannad:    Coinleach Ghlas an Fhomair.    Clannad 2
5. Bobby Casey: The Liffey Banks/The Shaskeen/Boys of Ballisodare/Woman of the House/Tansey’s Favourite/Graf Spee/Balinasloe Fair.    The Spirit of West Clare
6. Paul Brennan:The Wee Lassie Who Never Said No. Airs & Graces
7. Liam O’Flynn
: The Pleasures of Hope/Rick’s Rambles.
                 The Piper’s Call
8. Johnny O’g Connolly:   The Blackthorn Stick/Humouur of Glendart/Paidin O’Raifeartagh. Fear Inis Bearachain
9. Teresa Mullane:  
Baile an Robo.    Lan Mara
10. Tommy Guighan:
The Parcel of Land/The StreetPlayer/The Drunken Landlady. The Torn Jacket
11. Brendan McAuley:
The Men of Arranmore.
                          The McCartneys of Pennyburn
12. The Outside Track:   
The Silver Bullet.    Rise Up
13. Guig:    Carry On.    The Theory of Chaos
14. We Banjo 3:   Wynne’s.    Roots to Rise Live

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