Copperplate Podcast
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                                Copperplate Podcast 276
                               presented by Alan O'Leary
                                         November 2022
. Danu:  The Garsun Who Beat His Father.   All Things Considered
2. Macalla: 
Blackberry Blossom/Lord McDonald’s/Vincent Brodrick’s.                           Women of Ireland
3. Mike McGoldrick & Dezi Donnelly:
The Kilavil Jig/The Fox in the Town/Peter Byrne’s Jig.
Dog in the Fog                                                                                                               
4. Sean Tyrrell:  
Dan O’Hara.  And So The Story Goes
5. Sean O’Riada & Ceoltoirí Chualann:
March of the King of Laois. O’Riada sa Gaiety  
6. John Regan & Patsy Moloney:
Lad O’Beirne’s No 3/The Leitrim Lilter. Over the Bog Road   
7. Andy Martyn:
The Caha Mountains/McKenna Country.               Will We Give it A Go?
8. Rita Gallagher: 
Craggie Hill.   The May Morning Dew
9. Karen Ryan: Plains of Boyle/McGlinchey’s HP/Walsh’s.            
The Coast Road
10. Patsy Moloney:  The Sweetheart Reel/Farewell to London.
The Temple in the Glen
11. Paddy Keenan: Colonel Fraser/My Love is in America.                     Paddy Keenan
12. Michael Sheehy: The Weaver’s Delight/Dan O’Leary’s/The Blue Riband.  The Cat’s Rambles
13. Brian Rooney: The Haymaker/Mullingar Races.                         
              Within A Mile of Kilty 2
12. Danu:  The Poor Man’s Fortune/TheLong Strand/Gan Ainm.  10.000 Miles


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