Copperplate Podcast
Check for availability 65 minutes of good Irish traditional music.

                               Copperplate Podcast 280
                               presented by Alan O'Leary
                                         February 2023

1. Danu:  The Garsun Who Beat His Father. All Things Considered
2. London Lasses:
The Bohola Jig/The Besom in Bloom/Paddy    
Taylor’s/Piper on Horseback.  Track Across the Deep
3. Gerry O’Beirne:  Swimming the Horses.  Swimming the Horses   
4. Marcas Ó Murchu:  
Boy in the Gap/Boy in the Boat/Boy on the Hilltop.  Turas Ceoil
5. Daithi Gormley: Jackson’s/Finbarr Dwyer’s/Henchy’s
Fiddling Without A Bow  
6. Andy Dinan & Jim Richardson:
        Katie Taylor’s/Sean Ryan’s/The Silver Spear. Inside Out               
7. Norah Rendell:
St Patrick’s Day.  Spinning Yarns
8. Ben Lennon & Tony O’Connell:  
Lord Leitrim/The Earl of Thomond.   Rossinver Braes

9. Gerry O’Connor:Bag of Spuds/The Copperplate Reels.       
No Place Like Home
10. Leonard Barry: Limerick Lasses/Johnny McGoohan’s/The Laurel Tree.   New Road
11. Tony Reidy:
Boy in the Gap.   A Rough Shot of Lipstick
11. Gerry Harrington & Peter Horan: The Corkin Cross Polka/The Lakes of Sligo/Memories of Sligo.   Fortune Favours the Brave
12. Derrane/Connolly/McGann:
Dash to Portobello/McFarley’s Reel/Geehan’s Reel.  
The Boston Edge                                                                       
13. Colin Farrell:  Head First/The Night Heron/The Happy Shadow/The Wild Lime. Music & Mischief

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