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Copperplate Time 339                                                                                                                                                   presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Bothy Band
:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Bothy Band: Morning Star Set. Out of the Wind, Into the Sun                                                                                                             
3. Paddy Glackin:     
Cherish The Ladies.   Glackin
4. Sean  ach Donnchadha:
The Whistling Thief.   The Lark in the Morning
5. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey:  
Kimurray’s Flags.   Music & Mischief                                                                                                      
6. Johnny Og Connolly:   The Keel Row/Barndance an Ainm. 
Fear Inis Bearachain
Eilis Kennedy:   When I Sleep    So Ends This Day
8. Buttons & Bows:  
Oyater Island.   Return of Spring
9. Daithi Gormley:  
Captain Kellys/Shepherd’s Daughter/The Cloone Reel.     Fiddling Without A Bow
10. Seamus Heaney:   The Given Note.  The Poet & The Piper
11. Liam O’Flynn:Port na Pucai.    The Poet & The Piper
12. Jerry Lynch:    Christmas 1915.    The Dimming of the Day
13. Urnua:    
The Aran Cruiser/A Trip to the Village/The Drinker & The Whiskey.     Arnua
14. Paddy O’Brien & Seamus Connolly:   
Mayor Harrison’s Fedora/Johnny Cronin’s.    The Banks of the Shannon
15. Sean Ryan: The Rock of Dunamaisie. Sean Ryan
16. Eileen O’Brien:      
Up & About/The Smiling Bride/Handsome Young Maidens.        The Fiddler’s Choice
17. Frank Kelly:   12 Days of Christmas.   Download
18. Neil Mulligan:   Bimis ag Ol.   An Tobar Gle
19. Kevin Burke: The Gallowglass/Coach Road to Sligo.
                  Sligo Made
20. John Regan: Spellane  the Fiddler/President Garfield.
                     Let Down the Blade
21. Mick Sands:   The Slaves Lament.  
                  The Ominous & The Luminous
22. Terry Clark:    Laugharne 68.  Walk Like A King
23. Bothy Band:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975

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