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         Copperplate Time 382
A Christmas                                      Miscellany                                                                                                                                    Presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Eileen Ivers:   Christmas Eve/Oiche Nollag/High Road to Linton.              An Nollaig
2. Tommy Sands:  Like The First Rime It’s Christmas.  
           To Shorten The Winter
3. Johnny Og Connolly & Brian McGrath:
     Christmas  in Spiddal/Twelve to the Bar.  Dreaming Up the Tunes
4. Tim Dennehy:   The Kerry Christmas Carol.  
Between The Mountain & the Sea
5. The Outside Track:  Christmas in Killarney.  The Christmas Star
6. Tommy Sands: A Christmas Childhood/A Call to Hope.   
To Shorten The Winter
7. Junior Crehan:   Blessed Christmas Morn.  Private Recording
8. Cór Chois Fharraige: An chéad Noel.  Carúil Nollag
9. Mick Moloney & Friends: The Girl Who Broke My Heart/My Love is in America/Christmas Eve. An Irish Christmas
10. Jerry Lynch:   Silent Night/ Christmas 1915
         The Dawning of the Day
11. Rory McLeod: Christmas in Prison.
       Cold Blow These Winter Winds
12. Mick Moloney: Boy Drinkers. An Irish Christmas
13. Terry Clarke & Rosie Flores:   
        American Lipstick.  
The Heart Sings
14. The Outside Track:  Winter Jigs.  The Christmas Star
15.  Dennis Collins:  The Wexford Carol.   An Nollaig
16. Bert Jansch:  In The Bleak Midwinter. La Turnaround
17. Mick Moloney:   The Wren Song.  An Irish Christmas
18. Danu:   The Boys of Barr na Sráide.  Seanchas
19. Shirley & Dolly Collins: 
           Prologue from Hamlet/The Cherry Tree Carol.     
             The Holly Bears the Crown
20. Gerry Rafferty:   Adeste Fidelis. Life Goes On
21. Mick Moloney & Friends:  
                   Mrs Fogarty’s Christmas Cake.  An Irish Christmas
22. Mick Moloney & Friends:   Trip to Athlone/Castletown Connor/Father Kelly’s/Man of the House.  An Irish Christmas

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