Copperplate Podcast
Check for availability 65 minutes of good Irish traditional music.
                   Copperplate Time 396
                Presented by Alan O'Leary

1. Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours
2. Sean O’Riada & Ceoltóiri Chualann % Seán ÓSéa:  O’Neill’s March/Mná na hÉireann. 
             Ó Riada sa Gaiety                     
3. Teada:    The Cauliflower/Tom Busby’s/A Tribute to Jim.  Coiscéim Coiligh
4. Matt Molloy & Sean Keane:    
 Dowd’s #9/1st Monyth of Summer/The Reconciliation     Contentment is Wealth      
5. Mary & Anne Conroy-Burke//Eileen O’Brien & Deirdre McSherry:  Down the Hill/The Lane to the Glen.  The Fiddler’s Choice
6. Mairtin Byrnes:   The Girl Who Broke My Heart/Buck s of Oranmore.
                   The Inimitable Mairtin Byrnes.
7.  Tommy Guihen:    Connie The Soldier/Fasten the Leggin.   The Torn Jacket
8.  Sean MacDonnchadh:    The Whistling Thief    The Lark in the Morning
9. Seamus Ennis:
       First You Must Learn the Tock/Colonel Fraesr/Braes of Busby. Seoda Ceoil
10. Bobby Casey:   Pol Ha’penny/Scully Casey’s.   The Spirit of West Clare
11.Mary McPartlan: The Holland Handkerchief. The Holland Handkerchief
12. Liam O’Flynn:   Humours of Carrigaholt Set.    The Piper’s Call
               Steve Cooney: God’s Glue
13. Hughie Gillespie & Frank Kelly:
      The Shaskeen/The Bag of Spuds.
         The Sparkling Dawn
14. Paddy O’Brien & Seamus Connolly:   
             The Rainy Day/Captain Kelly’s.        
                  The Banks of the Shannon
15. Brian O’Rourke:    A Loaf in the/The Banks of the Rhine.      A Loaf in the Post
16. Ciara O’Sullivan:  Strike the Gay Harp/The Humours of Woodhaven.    Clare Horizons
17. Michael Coleman:
         The Duke of Leinster & his Wife 
Michael Coleman1891 - 1945  
18. Jimmy Keane & Liz Carroll: 
             The Ceilier  . Horse
19. Caoimhin O’Fearghaill & Paddy Tutty:
           Tapping Toes/Father Kelly’s Farewell.
               Flute & Fiddle
20. Joe Burke: Bonnie Kate/Jenny’s Chickens,
            A Tribute to Andy McGann     
21. Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours

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