Copperplate Podcast
Check for availability 65 minutes of good Irish traditional music.

        Copperplate Time 399
    Presented by Alan O'Leary                   

1. Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours
2. Paddy O’Brien & Seamus Connolly:   
  Mayor Harrison’s Fedora/Johnny Cronin’s Fancy.   The Banks of the Shannon
3. Charlie Lennon: The Monaghan Jig.   
         Within A Mile of Kilty 2
4. Christy Moore: Zozimus & Zimmerman.             Flying Into Mystery
5. Eilis Kennedy:    Boots of Spanish Leather.             One Sweet Kiss
6. Goitse: The Biggest Little Journey.   Rosc
7.  Brian Hughes & Dave Sheridan:    
       Sunny Hills of Beara/Peati O’Leary’s/Cliffs of Moher  However Long the Day
8.  Teada:  Ar Mhuin na Muice/Cairo Barry/Garranmore/Hunter Billy’s.                                   Coiscéim Coiligh
9. The Voice Squad:
           Ay Fond Kiss. Celtic Love Songs
10. Andy Martyn:   Lament for Oliver Goldsmith.   Will We Give It A Go?
11 Kathleen Collins:
       Paddy Ryan’s Dream/Coleman’s Cross.
             Trad Music of Ireland
12.  John McEvoy & John Wynne:        Wandering Minstrel/Happy to Meet/I Will If I Can. Pride of the West
13. Rita Gallagher:     
           Sweet Iniscarra    May Morning Dew
14. Roger Sherlock & Mary Conroy:
 Queen of May/Anderson’s.  Memories of Sligo
15.Mairtin Byrnes: The Broken Pledge/Rakish Paddy.   The Inimitable Mairtin Byrnes
16. Liam O’Flynn:
       O’Rourke’s/Colonel Fraser.   Download
17. Dick Gaughan:  
   Both Sides the Tweed.  A Handful of Earth      
18. Dezi Donnelly:  Spey in Spate/ Cape Breton Fiddler’s Welcome to Shetland                 Familiar Footsteps
19. Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham:
         Charlie Hunter’s Jig/Mouse in the
Cupboard/Rosewood.   Another Gem
20. Goitse:   Morning, Noon & Night.     Rosc
21. Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours

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