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                                  Copperplate Time 421
                               presented by Alan O'Leary

                                 A Christmas Miscellany
1. Bothy Band: Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. After Hours
2. Frankie Gavin:  
Christmas Eve. Shamrocks & Holly
3. Paul Brady:
Arthur McBride. Paul Brady & Andy Irvine
4. Johnny O’g Connolly:  
Christmas in Spiddal/12 to the Bar.
            Dreaming UP The Tunes
5. Tim Dennehy: The Kerry Carol.Between the Mountains & The Sea
6. Lar Gavin & Eileen O’Brien:
 Shanahan’s HP & McElligott’s HP. 
The Fiddler’s Choice
Jerry Lynch: A Silent Night, Christmas 1915.
The Dimming of the Day  
8. Moving Hearts:
May Morning Dew. The Storm
9. Christy Moore:  Fairy Tale of New York.  On The Road
10. Mick Moloney:   Celebration.   An Irish Christmas
11. Eileen Ivers:  Hark The Herald Angels Sing. An Nollaig
12. Eileen O’Brien: The Christmas Tree/The Holly Bush.
         Aon le h’Aon
13. The Outside Track:
Christmas Eve Party.    Christmas Star           
14. Mick Moloney: Miss Finerty’s Christmas Cake.
An Irish Christmas
15. Terry Clarke:  American Lipstick.  Shelley River
16. Joni Mitchell:
 River.  Blue
17. Bert Jansch:  In The Bleak Midwinter.   LA Turnaround
18. Dick Gaughan:
      The Snows They Melt the Soonest.   Handful of Earth
19. Cór Chois Fharraige:   An Chéad Noel.  Carúil Nolliag
20. Ralph McTell: Things You Wish Yourself. Single

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