Copperplate Podcast
Check for availability 65 minutes of good Irish traditional music.

                                  Copperplate Time 424
                               presented by Alan O'Leary
                                                            Music & Mischief
1. Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.  After Hours
2. Niamh Ni Charra:  
Ballyhoura Mountains. Cuz
3. Seamus Begley:
Montains of Pomeroy. Éirí go La
4. Kathleen Loughnane:  
Carolan’s Farewell to Music.
          Heart to Harp
5. Gary Hastings & Seamus Quinn:
The Maids of Castlebar/The Morning Star.   Stories to Tell
6. Boruma Trio:
 Quinn of Armagh/The Peacock’s Feather.  Gléas
John Carty & Mike McGoldrick:
Lucy Campbell/The Jolly Tinker. At Our Leisure  
8. Mary Chapin Carpenter/Lunasa:
The Irish Girl. Cas
9. Liz & Yvonne Kane:  The Welcome Call/The Leitrim Rover/The Caravogue.  In Memory of Paddy Fahey
10. Michael Sheehy: I Will If I Can/ The Priest in his Boots/John Mahinney’s.     The Cat’s Rambles
11. Liam O’Flynn:  Humours of Kiltyclogher. The Piper’s Call
12. Mick Sands & Clive Carroll: Autobiography. 
 The Ominous & The Luminous
13. The Outside Track:
Eleanor Plunkett.    Rise Up                     
14. Le Chéile:  Donegal HP/The Peacock’s Feather/Maggie Pickie’s.                Out of the West
15. Hungry Grass:
The Field Behind the Plough.  Hungry Grass
15. Patsy Moloney & John Regan:  
The Plea Bargain/Our House at Home.  Over the Bog Road
16. Willie Hunter:
The Cape Breton Fiddler’s Welcome to Shetland/Peerie Willie/Lorna’s Reel. Leaving Lerwick Harbour.
17. Dervish:  
Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves.  Travelling Show
18. Ralph McTell: 
Walk Into The Morning. Songs for 6 Strings
19. Goitse:  Trip to Mauna Kea.  Rosc
20. Bothy Band: 
Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.  After Hours

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