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                 Copperplate Time 447
             presented by Alan O'Leary
 Celebration of the Boyle Family
1. Le Cheile:  Oliver Goldsmith’s Lament.  Lord Mayo
2. Le Cheile:  The Brook Reel/The Offaly Reel/Castle Kelly/Maids of Castlebar.   Out of  the West
Mick Sands:    Ride a Wild Pony.   Bon Cabbage
4. Paul Boyle:  The Pinch of Snuff.  Private Recording
5. Maggie Boyle:  The Little Thatch Cabin.  Gweebarra
6. Le Cheile: 
The Little Thatch Cabin/Master Crowley’s. Lord Mayo
7. Carrig:   
The Silent Hills of Erin.   Carrig
8. Carrig: Sean Buí/Willie Clancy’s.   Carrig
9. Maggie Boyle:  Gweebarra Shore.  Gweebarra
10. Paddy Cronin & Kev Boyle:
Paddy Ryan’s Dream/Duke of Leinster. Private Recording
11. Kev Boyle/Le Cheile:
The Pride of Kildare.  Out of the West
12. Carrig:  The Pipers Jig/The Swan Among the Rushes/Behind the Bush in the Garden.     Airs & Graces
13. Maggie Boyle:   Little Brother of My Heart.     Gweebarra.                                                      
14. Andy Martin: Oliver Goldsmith’s Lament. Will We Give It A Go
Kev Boyle:  No 1 Sardine.  Bon Cabbage
16. The Expatriate Game:   Kitty Lie Over.  The Expatriate Game
17. Kev Boyle: Sunny Little Avenue.  Palestine Grove
18. Carrig:
The Pleasures of Hope/O’Donnell’s HP.    Airs & Graces
19. Kev Boyle:  Bon Cabbage. Bon Cabbage

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