Copperplate Podcast
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                                Copperplate Time 327     
                             presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Danu
:   The Garsun Who Beat His Father/Sean Maguire’s/
                Jimmy Kelly’s
. All Things Considered
2. Mulcahy Family:  Mullingar Races/Coen’s Memories/
             Jim Donoghue’s
.  Reelin’ in Tradition
3. Gerry O’Beirne : All Down the Day.  Swimming The Horses
4. Danu:  Co Down.    The Road Less Traveled
5. Paul Brennan:       
London Town.   Airs & Graces
6. Le Cheile:   Connamrera Jig Set.     Lord Mayo
7. John & James Carty:    Streams of Poulaphouca.  
                    The Wavy Bow Collection
8. Dan Brouder:
 Old Maids of Galway/A Letter From Home/
                     Mike Rattley’s .
   The Lark’s Air
9. Eilis Kennedy:  
When I Sleep.    So Ends This Day
10. John Sheahan:    The Winding River   Flirting Fiddles
11. Matt Molloy: The Moving Cloud/The Ivy Leaf. 
                                  Private Recording 
12. Gerry O’Connor:    
Paddy O’Brien Set.  No Place Like Home
13. Hugh Gillespie:   
Farewell to Leitrim.   GLCD3066
14. Mary McPartlan: 
The Lovely Sailor Boy.   
                       The Holland Handkerchief
15. Urnua:   Trip to Letterkenny/Morning Gallop.  Urnua
16. Terry Clarke:   
Dublin Blues.  Private Recording                         
17. Johnny Cash:   40 Shades of Green.   Compilation
18. Walter Hyatt:     This Time Lucille.   King Tears  
19. Rhiannon Giddens/Solas: 
Lay Your Money Down.   Shamrock City
Danu:   The Garsun Who Beat His Father/
                   Sean    Maguire’s/Jimmy Kelly’s
                            All Things Considered

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                                    Copperplate Time 326                                                                      presented by Alan O'Leary                          
1. The Bothy Band
:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Danu:  McCahill’s/Doherty’s/Reel Gan Ainm.
                     The Road Less Traveled
3. Daithi Gormley: Captain Kelly/The Shepherd’s Daughter/
            The Cloone Reel.       Fiddling Without A Bow
4. Gerry O’Beirne : Swimming The Horses. Swimming The Horses
5. Cathal Clohessy & Eamonn  Costello:      
The Strayaway Child.   Bosca Ceoil & Fiddle
6. Liam Farrell & Raymond Roland:  
McGlinchey’s/Cooley’s Hornpipes.     Music from Galway & Clare
7. Bobby Casey:    Tuttle’s/The Porthole of the Kelp.  Maestro
8. Peter O’Loughlin/ Paddy Murphy,Paddy Canny/Geraldine Cotter:
  Kid on the Mountain/Kitty Come Down to Limerick .                                    Friends of Note
9. Danu: 
Farewell Farewell.    The Road Less Traveled
10. Richard Thompson:   Galway to Graceland.   Cropredy Live
11. John McEvoy & John Wynne: The Balmoral          Highlander/Thistle & Shamrock.    The Pride of the West
12. Kathleen Lawrie & Seamus Connolly:  
Kathleen Lawrie’s Reel.  Seamus Connolly Collection
13. Liam O’Flynn:   
Cath Cheim an Fhai.   O’Riada Retrospective
14. Danu: 
The Wonder HP/The Impish HP.    
                 The Road Less Traveled
15. Seamus Ennis:   The Pinch of Snuff/Story.  Private Recording
16. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey:
Mouse in the Mug. Music & Mischief
17. Tony Reidy:   Black Pudding Music.   The Coldest Day in Winter
18. Kevin Burke & Leonard Barry:   
The Millstream/Geese in the Bog/Devils of Dublin.   Sligo Made  
19. Eilis Kennedy:   The Catalpa Rescue 1876    So Ends This Day
20. Patrick St:   The King of Ballyhooley.   Irish Times Times.  
21. The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.  1975

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                               Copperplate Time 325                                                                                 presented by Alan O'Leary
1. The Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Patrick St:   Doorus Mill//The Rolling Reel/The Ballygow/
            Denis Murphy’s Reel.   
Irish Times
3. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey: 
The Brightest Star.
            Music & Mischief                                                                         
4. Gerry O’Beirne & Patrick St: In The Land of the Patagarang.                  Irish Times
5. Mick O’Brien & Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh:      
   Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Mairseal Alistrium/Munster Buttermilk.                 Kitty Lie Over
6. Brendan Mulkere & Paul Gallagher:  
The Salamanca/The Crooked Road.     It Was Mighty
7. Frankie Gavin’s 20’s Orch;  Rakes of Clonmel.   By Heck
8. Gerry Harrington:
  The Upchurch Polkas.  At Home
9. Maggie Boyle & Steve Tilston: 
The Lamentation of Hugh                      Reynolds.   Of Moor & Mesa
10. Paddy O’Brien & Tom Shaefer:
            The Groves. The Sailor’s Cravat
11. Peter O’Loughlin/ Paddy Murphy,Paddy Canny/Geraldine              Cotter:    The Traveller/Ah Surely.    Friends of Note
12. Noel Hill:    Banish Misfurtune.    Live in New York
13. Tony Reidy:   
Like A Wild Thing.   The Coldest Day in Winter
14. Seamus Ennis:   The Standing Abbey/The Stack of Barley. 
The Pure Drop
15. Murphy/Clifford/ O’Keeffe:   Apples in Winter/Maids of the                 Green/  The Thrush in the Straw.    Kerry Fiddles
16. Paddy Killoran
:    McGovern’s Fave/Tom Ward’s Downfall.                     Compilation
17. Eilis Kennedy:   When I Sleep    So Ends This Day
18. Ralph McTell:   From Clare to Here.   Right Side Up
19. Dick Gaughan & Ali Bain:   McCrimmon’s Lament/
               Mistress  Johnson’s Fave
.    No More Forever
20. Mulcahy Family:   John Kelly’s/Rip The Calico/
              The New Line to Loughaun.
  The Reel Note 
21. The Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.                    1975

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                                 Copperplate Podcast 251            
                                presented by Alan O'Leary
                                         September 2020

1. Danu: The Garsun Who Beat His Father/Sean Maguire’s/Jimmy                   Kelly’s.       All Things Considered
2. Derrane/Connolly/McGann:
The Curragh Races/The                                 Skylark/The Reconciliation.    The Boston Edge
3. Urnua:  Jig for Mike/The Laughing Spoons.  Urnua
4. Eilis Kennedy:  Ciumhais Charraig Aonair. So Ends This Day
5. Kathleen Loughnane: 
Poll Ha’penny.  Harp to Heart
6. Con Cassidy:
         Con Cassidy’s Jig/Talk/Miss Ramsey’s.  Con Cassidy             
7. Neil Mulligan:
The Morning Thrush/Colonel Fraser. An Tobar Gle
8. Dan Brouder; Eddie Kelly’s/The Sailor’s Cravat/Miss Johnson. The Lark’s Air
9. Mick McAuley/Solas: Michael Conway. Shamrock City
10. Billy Clifford: 
The Dear Irish Boy.   Echoes of Sliabh Luacra
11. Mulcahy Family: Rose in the Heather/The Kilavil Jig/
              An Buachaillin Bui.
The Reel Note
12. Frank Cassidy:
            Tiarna Muigh Eo/Talk/Pinch of Snuff. Nil gar ann!
13. Rita Gallagher:  The Wounded Hussar.  May Morning Dew
14. We Banjo 3:
The Bunch of Green Rushes/Salt Creek.
             Live in Galway

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