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                               Copperplate Time 331                                                                           presented by Alan O'Leary

           Preview of 22nd Return to London Town Festival                        
1. Bothy Band
:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Danu:  McCahill’s/Doherty’s/Gan Ainm. The Road Less Traveled
3. Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill:  
The Lane to the Glen/Fahy’s.  
                         Welcome Here Again
4. Pat Walsh:   The Forgotten Fling/Mrs Galvin’s.
            Simply Whistle                                                            
5. Kevin Burke:
The Gallowglass Jig/Coach Road to Sligo.
                 Sligo Made
6. Paul Brennan:   The Bonny Labouring Boy.   Airs & Graces
7. John McEvoy:   The Crib of Perches/The Tinker’s Stick/Come up To the Room.  
                           The Pride of the West
8. We Banjo 3:
  The Buunch of Green Rushes/Salt Creek. 
                       Live in Galway
9. Maeve Donnelly & Tony McManus: 
Return to Camden                      Town/THE Girl Who Broke My Heart.    Flame on the Banks
10. Gatehouse:   Joe Ryan’s Mazourka/Buckley’s Fancy/
            The Laurel Tree
.  Tus Nua                                                    
11 Dervish:    Gypsies/Tramps & Thieves.    Travelling Show
12. . The Gavin’s:   
Touch Me If You Dare/Callaghan;s/
                Greenfields of America.
     The Quiet House
13. London Lasses:  
Humours of Castlefinn/Eileen O’Brien’s/
               The Enchanted     Lady.
  Enchanted Lady
14. John & James Carthy:  
Corkscrew Hill/The Spectacle Bridge/
                          The Cloughan Jig.
  The Wavy Bow Collection
15. Le Cheile:   Maud Miller.    Out of the West
16. Liam Kelly: 
Maids on the Green/Tonra’s/Billy McCormick’s.                                 Sweetwood
17. Angelina Carberry & Dan Brouder:   
McCarthy’s/Basket of Oysters/East of Glendart.  A Waltz for Joy
18. Noreen O’Sullivan:   Eddie Moloney’s/Tae in the Bog/
              Jimmy Kennelly’s.
  The Quiet House
19. The Friel Sisters:   The Ranafast Jig/Statia Donnelly’s/
            My Former Wife.     
Before The Sun
Peter McAlinden:   The Lmestone Rock/Josie McDermott’s.                     Happy to Meet                                                                 
21. Karen Ryan:  The Limerick Lasses/Gatehouse Maid/                                  The Mountain Top.       The Coast Road              
22. Bothy Band:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975

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