Copperplate Podcast
Check for availability 65 minutes of good Irish traditional music.

                Copperplate Time 337                                                                
                                   presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Bothy Band
:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Noel Hill & Tony Linnane: Humours of Ballyconnell/
   Drunken Landlady/Maudabawn Chapel
. Noel Hill & Tony Linnane
3. Hayes/Canny/O’Loughlin/Lafferty:   
Humours of Cstlefinn/Glen of Aherlow.  SHA76001
4. Luke Kelly:  The Night Visiting Song.   The Collection
5. Duck Baker:
Banish Misfortune.  My Heart Belongs to Jenny
6. Marion McCarthy:  Tom Ennis/Old Tipperary. The Family Album
7. James & John Carthy :   Lad O’Beirne’s/The Kiltycreen/
                    Snow on the Hill,
  The Wavy Bow Collection
8. Dan Brouder:  
Little Joey’s/Finbarr’s Farewell/
             Blossom of Ballisland.  
  The Lark’s Air                          
9. Norah Rendell:   
Lovely Susan.     Spinning Yarns
10. Urnua:   The Ballybrit Dip/Up & Over.   Urnua
11. Paddy Kiloran:  The Old Dudgeen/Road to Lurgan.                                Compilation
12. Catherine McEvoy:    The Hunter’s Purse/Sweeney’s Dream.                       The Home Ruler
13. Peter McAlinden:    
Piper Thru the Meadow Straying.    
Happy to Meet
14. Ralph McTell:   
From Clare to Here.    Right Side Up
15. Bobby & Sean Casey:   
Farewell to Miltown/Star of Munster.   Spirit of West Clare
16. Mick O’Brien: 
Humours of Lisheen/Tom Billy’s Fancy/Humours of Kilkenny.       May Morning Dew
17. Eilis Kennedy:   Ciumheas Carraig Aonoir    So Ends This Day
18. Terry Clarke:   Dylan Thomas in N ew York.   Walk Like A Man
19. Wes McGhee:   Monterey.   Borders
20. Gerry Rafferty:   North & South.   North & South
21. Bothy Band:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975

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                                      Copperplate Time 336                             
                                    presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Bothy Band
:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Planxty: The Lady on the Island/Gatehouse                                                         Maid/Virginia/Callaghan's.    After the Break
3. Frankie Gavin’s Roaring 20’s Orch:
Rakes of Clonmel.  By Heck
4. Jerry Lynch:
            The Last Thing on my Mind. The Dimming of the Day
5. Seamus Quinn & Gary Hastings:
       Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Dever The Dancer.   Slan Lough Erne
6. Dan Brouder:   Eddie Kelly’s/Sailor’s Crvat/Miss Johnson.   
        The Lark’s Air                                                                                
John Wynne :   The Orphan/The Cow That Ate/Winnie Hayes,
    Like The Wind Day
8. Charlie Lennon:    
Sailing Thru Loughrea/ The Mountain Dew.    
                              Turning the Tune
9. Eilis Kennedy:    
Go From My Window.   One Sweet Kiss
10. Ailie Robertson:   The Exploding Bow.   First Things First
11. Brian Conway:    Trim The Velvet/Lord Gordon’s.    
                           Consider The Source
12. Noel Hill:  An Phis Fluich/The Fisherman’s Jig. Live in New York
13. Seamus Begley & Kathleen Loughnane:     
Bean Dubh an Gleanna.     Harping On
14. Liam O’Flynn:   
Bean Dubh an Gleanna.    The Piper’s Call
15. Christy Moore/Planxty:   
              The Good Ship Kangaroo.   After the Break
16. Terry Ckarke: 
Shelley River.   Shelley River
17. Manus Maguire:   The Shelley River Waltz.     Fiddle Wings
18. Mick Sands:   Autobiography.  The Ominous & The Luminous
19. Fairport Convention:   Now Be Thankful.   Classic Convention
20. Bothy Band:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975

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Copperplate Time 335                                                                                                                                                  presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Bothy Band:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Trian: The Little Man With the Brown Shoes/Duck’s in a Row/
                 The Butterfly  Reel/Pauline Conneely’s. Trian 2
3. Noel Hill & Tony Linnane:   
Old Tipperary/Down the Back Lane.  Geantrai
4. John Doyle:  The Rambler From Clare.   The Path of Stones
5. The Teetotalers:
Greenfields of Woodford/The Nightingale/
           The Castle.
  The Burren Backroom Series
6. Urnua:   Sporting Galway/The White Plains/Threadneedle Reel.              Urnua                                                                                   
Eilis Kennedy:   Petticoat Whalers    So Ends This Day
8. Tommy Peoples:    
Ban Chnoic Eireann O/Trip to Durrow.                  Tommy Peoples
9. Paddy Carty & Mick O’Connor:  
Paddy Kelly’s/Mullingar Lea.                Sha 34017
10. Paddy Keenan:  
Colonel Fraser/My Love in in America.       Paddy Keenan
11. Terence O’Flaherty:    Return to Camden Town.    Download
12. Maeve Donnelly & Tony  McManus:   
      Return to Camden Town/The Girl Who Broke My Heart.  
             Flames on the Banks
13. Gerry Diver/Christy Moore:
Fulham Broadway. Speech Project
14. Tommy Sands:   
Every County on the Land.    
            Fair Play to You All
15. Kevin Burke:    Ballydesmond Polkas.   Sligo Made
16. The  Outside Track: 
Sweet Lover of Mine.   Rise Up
17. John Wynne & John McEvoy:     
Pr1de of the West/Kilglass Lake.     Pride of the West
18. Joni Mitchell:   In France They Kiss on Mainstreet. 
              Shadows & Light
19. Sandy Denny:   Late November.   I’ve Always Kept A Unicorn
20. Bothy Band:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975v

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                                          Copperplate Time 334                                     presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Bothy Band
:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. Mick Conneely & Dave Munnelly:
             Jolly Tinker/Yellow Tinker/Longford Tinker.  Tis What It Is
3. Caoimhin O’Fearghaill & Paddy Tutty:  
Palm Sunday/Mulqueeney’s.       Flute & Fiddle
4. Gerry O’Beirne:  The Lights of San Francisco.   
               Swimming Th e Horses
5. Pat Walsh:
Humours of Whiskey/Lark in the Morning.
              Simply Whistle
6. Caroline Keane:   Roscommon Reel/Ballymahon Reel/
             Father Newman’s.  
7. John & James Carty:  
The Flatbush Waltz.   The Wavy Bow Collection
8. Alfi:    
The Drink Song.    Wolves in the Woods
9. Daoiri Farrell:  
A Pint of Plain. A Lifetime of Happiness
10. Seamus Ennis:   The Blooming Meadows/Kitty’s Rambles.  
The Pure Drop
11. Paddy Carty & Connor Tully: Red Tom of the Hill/Tommy       Coen’s.   Traditional Music of Ireland                                                         
 12. Joe Derrane/Seamus Connolly & John McGann:   
    Dash to Portobello/Farley’s Reel/Geegan’s Reel.  The Boston Edge
13. Danu:     
County Down.     The Road Less Traveled
14. Kevin Burke:   
Humours of Castlefinn/The Ewe Reel/McFadden’s.    Sligo Made
15. Dan Brouder & Angelina Carberry:    
         Curlews in the Bog/Tommy Peoples/Monsignors Blessing.    
               A Waltz for Joy
16. Gerry Harrington: 
Lad O’Beirne’s/Sault’s Own/The New Century.   At Home
17. Dennis Murphy:     Down Our Street.     Compilation
18. Gino Lupari:   Wrap It Up.  Barking Mad
19. Bert Jansch:   Moonshine.   Moonshine
20. Bothy Band:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975

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                              Copperplate Podcast 253           
                             presented by Alan O'Leary
                                        November 2020

1. Danu: The Garsun Who Beat His Father/Sean Maguire’s/
             /Jimmy Kelly’s.
  All Things Considered
2. Macalla:  Blackberry Blossom/Lord McDonnell/Vincent                 Brodrick’s.  Women of Ireland
3. Eilis Kennedy:   When I Sleep.   So Ends This Day
4. Kathleen Loughnane:  Poll Halpenny. Harp to Heart
5. Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello:
The Broken Pledge/Boy in the Gap.  Grace Bay
6. Daithi Gormley; McGowan’s/Mary Ann McGuigan’s.
            Fiddling Without A Bow
7. Jerry Lynch: 
 A Silent Night, Christmas 1915.   
The Dimming of the Day
8. Leonard Barry
: Napoleon Crossing the Rhine/
             Dogs Among the
Bushes/Gabe Sullivans New Road
9. Bobby & Sean Casey: Farewell to Miltown/Star of Munster.                     Spirit of West Clare
10. Patsy Moloney: The Sweetheart/Farewell to London. 
                      The Temple in  the Glen             
11. Tim Dennehy: Be Still As You Are Beautiful.
                       Old Boots & Flying Sandals
12. Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell & Michael Doocey:
Mouse in the Mug. Music & Mischief
13. Urnua: The Flying Magpies/A Roll of the Dice/
                    Just Another Dilemma.
14. Luke Daniels:
Martin Wynne’s #4/Andy McGann’s/
                 The Ivy Leaf
.   The Mighty Box
15. The Outside Track:  Christmas Eve Party Christmas Star

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