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Copperplate Time 338                                                               presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Bothy Band
:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975
2. London Lasses: Bohola Jig/Besom in Bloom/
          Paddy Taylor’s/Piper on Horseback
.   Track Across the Deep
3. Trian:
Humours of Ballyconnell/Reel Eboulement/
             Richie Dwyer’s.              
Trian 2
4. Andy Irvine:  Down By Greer’s Grove.   Old Dog, Long Road
5. Andy McGann & Paddy Reynolds:
Golden Keyboard/Kiss Me Kate.    Andy McGann & Paddy Reynolds
6. Padraig Rynne:The New Century/Phillis’s Birthday.  Bye A While
7. Caoimhin O’Fearghaill & Paddy Tutty :  
Gerdy Commane’s/Paddy Sean Nancy’s/Miss Lyons, Flute & Fiddle
8. The Outside Track:  
The Kerry Christmas Carol.   Christmas Star
9. John & Conor McEvoy:    
Munster Grass/Lad OBeirne’s.   Trad Irish Fiddle
10. Patsy Moloney:  Dooney Rock/Paddy Fahy’s.
The Temple in the Glen
11. Mick O’Brien:The Strawberry Blossom/The Honeymoon.    
             May Morning Dew
12. Danny Meehan:    Kitty Sean Barndance/Jamsey Byrnes            Downfall.     The Navvy on the Shore Ruler
13. Sean O’Se & Ceoltoiri Cualann:    
Do Bhi Bean Uasal.         O’Riada sa Gaiety
14. The Casey Sisters:   
Slip Silver/The Surround.    Sibling Revelry
15. Daithi Gormley:   Yellow Tinker/Carrigeenroe/Jolly Tinker.  
                    Fiddling Without A Bow
16. Ralph McTell: 
An Irish Blessing.
Sand in Your Shoes                                                                  
17. Wes McGhee:   Who’s Gonna Tell These Tales.   Comala
18. Iris De Ment:   I’m Going Down to Texas.   Download
19. Bothy Band:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. 1975

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