Copperplate Podcast
Check for availability 65 minutes of good Irish traditional music.

                             Copperplate Time 375   
  Presented by Alan O'Leary

1. Bothy Band
:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. After Hours
2. Dezi Donnelly & Mike McGoldrick: Humours of Lissadell/Queen of May/Sweeney’s Dream.   Dog in the Fog
3. Dave Munnelly & Mick Conneely: 
The Pride of Rockchapel/Mrs Cooty’s/Statia Domnnelly.   Tis What It Is
5. Andy Irvine/Mozaik:: Houdini.   The Long & Short of It
6. Gerry O’Connor: Jig in A/Dancing Eyes/Out & About in the Morning.     Journeyman
7. The Chieftains:
The Hunter’s Purse/Callaghan’s & Byrnes HP.            Best of
8. Vincent Griffin:
Tommy Coen’s/Splendid Isolation.
Vincent Griffin
9. Tony MacMahon: The Wounded Hussar.   Live in Spiddal
10. Niamh Dunne: Beauty of Limerick.  Portrait
11. Danny Meehan:  
Old Donegal/Bean a Ti Lar.
Navvy on the Shoe
12. Jason Rouse:     
The Job of Journeywork..   Fiedish Recordings
13. Donal Clancy:  
The Lowlands of Holland.
On the Lonesome Plain
14. Kevin Crawford/Colin Farrell/Parick Doocey:
Aube Mauve.     Music & Mischief
15. Liam Farrell & Le Cheile:  Tree Fellers/The Concert.   Aris
16. Mick Sands:     The Slave’s Lament.   
          The Ominous & The Luminous
17. John Carthy & Brian Rooney:   
Bunch of Green Rushes/The Stone in the Field/Corry Hilly. 
At Complete Ease     
18. Mick & Aoife O’Brien & Emer Mayock:  Bonny Anne/I’m Am Over Young to Marry Yet/The Drummond Lasses.     
More Tunes from the Goodman Manuscripts                      
19. Bert Jansch:   October Song.  Crimson Moon
20. Sean Maguire: Carracastle Lasses/The Moving Cloud:   
On Two Levels
21. Niamh Ní Charra: Flush of Success/Worn Torn Petticoat/Tom Billy’s Fave.   Donnelly’s Arm
22. Bothy Band:   Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.  After Hours

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