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                                   Copperplate Time 389
                                 Presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Bothy Band: Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. After Hours
2. Moving Cloud:   Colonel McBain/Grogan’s Fave/Sailor on the Rock.    Moving Cloud
3. Drunken Gaugers: Padraig O’Keeffe’s/The Broken        Windscreen/The Sailors Cravat.    The Drunken Gaugers
4. Paul Brady: I’m A Youth That’s Inclined to Ramble
             The Missing Liberty Tapes
5. Ciara McElholm: Norwegian Breeze.  Amergin Fire
6. Joe Burke: The Dawn/The Morning Mist.  The Morning Mist
7.  Andy McGannn:  Murphy’s Hornpipe.   
             A Tribute to Michael Coleman
8.  Eileen O’Brien, Anne Conroy Burke & Deirdre McSherry:
            Down the Hill/The Lane to the Glen.  The Fiddler’s Choice
9.  Niamh Ni Chara:   Gone Gonna Rise Again/Ar Seáith a Chéile.   
                  Donnelly’s Arm
10. Mick Woods & Mary Conroy:
           Col Rogers/Happy Days of Youth.  Tribute to John McKenna
11. Tony Delany: Elizabeth Kelly’s Fave/Nora Criona/Moss Martin.  
                  The Lark’s Call
12. George Duff: Rattling Roaring Willie. The Collier Laddie
13. Brian Rooney: The Haymaker/Mullingar Races.
               Within A  Mile of Kilty 2
14. Andy Martyn: The Sailor’s Bonnet/The Cuilfadda Reel.           
Will We Give It A Go?
15. John Wynne:  The Orphan/The Cow That Ate The Blanket/Winnie Haye’s.     Like The Wind
16. The Expatriate Game:    Harry Appleblossom.   Live at Stamford
17. Mick O’Brien & Caoimihin O’Raghallaigh: 
    An Buailteoir Aerach/The Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land.  
The Deadly Buzz
18. Angelina Carberry & Dan Brouder:
      The Rolling Rocks of Glan/The River Meadow Reel.  Back in Time
19. Christy Moore:   Johnny Boy.   Flying Into Mystery
20. Seamus McGuire & Steve Cooney:   
            An Buachaill Dreoite   An Irish Viola
21.Dezi Donnelly:   Paddy Ryan’s Dream/Dowd’s Fave/Phelim’s Frolic.    Familiar Footsteps
22. Joe Burke:  The Dawn/The Morning Mist   The Morning Mist
23. Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill. 
After Hours

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