Copperplate Podcast
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               Copperplate Time 392
           Presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours
2. Buttons & Bows:   
  The Return of Spring/The Mountain Pathway
             The Return of Spring                          
3. The Blackwater Ceili Band:
Farrell O’Gara/Maids of M ount Kisco/Billy Brocker’s.The Blackwater Ceili  Band
4. Tony Reidy:    Paddy’s Looking Rough.    
        Back on the Farm.
5. Dezi Donnelly & Mike McGoldrick: An Buachaillin Dreoite/The Lark in the Morning.              Dog in the Fog
6. Andy Martyn:
        The Light of Home.  Will We Give It A Go?
7.  Paul Brady:  Mary & the Soldier   
          Paul Brady & Andy Irvine  
8.  Brian Hughes & Dave Sheridan
  Shanahan’s HP/Eanach Mhic Coilin/The Leitrim Thrush. However Long the Day 
9.  Eilis Kennedy:   The Elk River Dam.    Westward
10. Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn:    The Dark Haired Lass/The Shoemaker’s Daughter.  Frankie & Alec Vol 2
11 Frankie Gavin & Paddy Ban O’Broin: The Glass  of Beer/Richard Dwyer’s.
        My True Love He Dwells on the Mountain
13. Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle: 
       The Slip Jigs & Reels. .  Of Moor & Mesa
14. Karen Ryan:   Mrs Lawrie’s/Karen Ryan’s.             The Coast Road
15. Paddy Glackin:    Cherish the Ladies.   
          Music on the Fiddle
16. Skara Brae:
           Bán Chnoic Éireann Ó.    Keep ‘er Lit
17. Connie O’Connell: The Forgotten Fling/ Her Goden Hair Hung Down Her Back in Ringlets.  Music from Cill na Martra
18. Delores Keane:    
           Galway Bay.    Best of Delores Keane.
18. Mick O’Brien & Micheal O’Raghallaigh.
           The Lass of Carracastle/Morning Dew/Geese in the Bog.  The Deadly Buzz
20. Donal Clancy: Open the Door Softly.   
On The Lonesome Plain
21. Ralph McTell:   
         An Irish Blessing.      Sand in Your Shoes
22. Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours

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                Copperplate Time 391
             Presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours
2. Trian:   The Little Man in Brown Shoes/Ducks in A Row/The Butterfly Reel/Pauline Conneely’s.   Trian 2                                 
3. Andy Irvine & Paul Brady:
        The Plains of Kildare.   
               Andy Irvine & Paul Brady
4. Andy Martyn: The Blackthorn Set. 
Will We Give It A Go?
5. Ben & Charlie Lennon:
     Bonnie Kate/Jenny’s Chickens.
        Within A Mile of Kilty 2
6. Liam O’Flynn: Humours of Kiltyclogher/Julia Clifford’s. The Pipers Call
7.  Joe Burke:  The Broken Pledge/Paddy Lynn’s Delight.  Tribute to Michael Coleman 
8.  Niamh Parsons:   Clohinne Wind. 
Joyful Noise 
9.  Duck Baker:   The Swedish Jig.    
          My Heart Belongs to Jenny
10. John Bowe & Mary Conroy:   The Downfall of Paris. John Bowe & Mary Conroy
11. Bobby Casey: Colonel Fraser/Toss the Feathers.  The Spirit of West Clare
12. Mary McNamara & P Joe Hayes:   
  McGreevey’s Fave/Miss McGuinness/The Sweetheart Reel.    Mary McNamara
13. John Keehan: The Parcel of Land/The Hairy Chested Frog/Kiss Me Kate.
               The Humours of Scariff
14. Leonard Barry:
      The Foxhunter’s Jig/The Besom in Bloom.            New Road
15. Ryan McMullan:
          The Streets of New York.      Download
16. Trian:    Westland/King Robert the Bruce.            Trian 2
17. Mick & Aoife O’Brien & Emer Mayock:
           Bonny Anne/I’m Over Young  to Marry Yet/The Drummond Lasses.
  More Tunes from The Goodman Manuscripts
18. Eileen O’Brien & Lar Gavin:
        Shanahan’s HP/McElligott’s Fancy.
             The Fiddler’s Choice
19. Christy Moore:    The Bord na Mona Man,     Flying Into Mystery
20.Kevin Burke:   The Millstream/The Geese in the Bog/Devils of Dublin.
Sligo Made
21. Bothy Band:   Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours

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                   Copperplate Podcast 269  
                 presented by Alan O'Leary
          March  2022


1. Danu: The Garsun Who Beat His Father.   
           All Things Considered
2. Derrane/Connolly/McGann: 
The Curragh Races/The Skylark/The Reconciliation. 
           The Boston Edge
3. John McEvoy & John Wynne: Pride of the West/Kilglass Lakes.  Pride of the West
Colum Sands: Look Where I’ve Ended Up Now.    Look Where I’Ve Ended Up Now
5. Benny McCarthy: The Shores of Lough Gowna/ An Tiocfaidh Tu Abhaile Liom.
                Press & Play
6. Ben Lennon & Seamus Quinn:
McCormack’s/Dunphy’s HP.
                 Within A Mile of Kilty 2
7. . Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh/Danu:
Follow On.   When All is Said & Done.  
8. Padraig O’Keeffe/Denis/Murphy/JuliaClifford:
         Mulvihill’s/Muckross Abbey. Kerry Fiddles
9. Seamus Quinn & Gary Hastings:
The Heel & Toe/Devlin’s Polka.  Slan Lough Eirne
10. Nell Ní Chróinin/Raw Bar Collective:
Na Táilliulrí.  Millhouse Measures
11. Danu:  Garech’s Wedding/Ril Gan Ainm/The Moving Bog/Cliffs of Glen Clolmcille.   
                 The Road Less Travelled
12. Gerry O’Connor: Iniscaltra/Tonn Teinne/The Ormond Sound. No Place Like Home
13. Leonard Barry:
  Kitty Got A Clinking/Sarah’s Reel/The Bog Carrot.New Road
Mulcahy Family:  John Kelly’s/Rip The Calico/The New Line to LoughaunThe Reel Note


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