Copperplate Podcast
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                                  Copperplate Time 413
                               presented by Alan O'Leary

                                  Music & Mischief

1. Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.  After Hours
2. Ushers Island:
The Half Century Set. Ushers Island
3. John Doyle:   Heart in Hand.  Ushers Island
4. Dezi Donnelly & Mike McGoldrick:

      Humours of Lissadell/Queen of May/Sweeney’s Dream.  
           Dog in the Fog 
5. Paddy Glackin: Cherish the Ladies.  Glackin
6. Eilis Kennedy:  Who Knows Where the Time Goes. Time to Sail
7. Mike Harding:
The Lish Young Buy A Broom. From The Lion’s Den
8. At The Racket:The Darling Girl from Clare. At The Racket
9. Sorcha Costello:
The Bunch of Green Rushes/The Star of Munster.            The Lady’s Cup of Tea
10. Brona McVitie:  The Flower of Sweet Strabane. 
         The One I Loved the Best
11. Jackie Daly & Matt Cranitch The Gullane Polka/The Blackwater Polkas.  The Living Stream
12. James Carty: McDonagh’s Sporting Nell/Barr na Cuille.                      Hiding Daylight in Dark Corners
13. Brid Harper & Dermot Byrne:  
             Mrs Carroll’s Strathspey/Marquis of Huntly/Beautiful Gortree.                              Brid Harper
14. The Casey Sisters: Katherine O’More. Sibling Revelry
15. Liz & Yvonne Kane:   The Welcome Call/The Leitrim Rover/The Caravogue.  In Memory of Paddy Fahy
16. Karen Ryan: Kitty’s Rambles/Kitty of Oulart/An Rogaire Dubh.
The Coast Road
17. Bert Jansch:  Bonnie Portmore. The Ornament Tree
18. Tommy Guihen:
The Bellharbour/The Piper’s Despair/Devils of Dublin. The Torn Jacket
19. John Regan & Paddy Glackin:
        Golden Keyboard/The Bellharbour Reel.    Let Down the Blade
20. Bothy Band:Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. After Hours


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                                  Copperplate Time 412
                               presented by Alan O'Leary

                                     Music & Mischief

1. Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.  After Hours
2. Crawford, Farrell & Doocey:
The Pelican Marsh Reel/Fox on the Prowl/The Ballina Lass. Music & Mischief
3. Kevin Burke: Johnny Connor’s/The Hungry Rock/A Night at the Fair.  Sligo Made
4. Seamie O’Dowd:
The Galway Shawl. Live at Hawk’s Well  
5. Liam O’Flynn: The Drunken Landlady/McKenna’s Reels. 
The Pipers Call                                                   
6. Mick O’Brien & Terry Crehan:  
Farewell to Miltown/West Clare Railway/Sporting Molly.   May Morning Dew
7. Brian Hughes & Dave Sheridan: 
Palmer’s Gate/The Honeymoon/Support from America No 1.
However Long the Day
8. Christy Moore:   All I Remember.   Flying Into Mystery
9. Cobblestone Thursday Session:
Love at the Endings/Dublin Porter/The Master’s Return.   The Thursday Sessions
10. Neil Mullligan:  Morning Thrush/Colonel Fraser.  An Tobar Glé
11. Chris Wood The Cottager’s Reply.  Trespasser
12. Catherine McEvoy: Elizabeth Kelly’s Fave/Kitty Come Down to Limerick.  The Home Ruler
13. Macalla:  Blackberry Blossom/Lord McDonald’s/Vincent Brodrick’s.               Women of Ireland
14. Niamh Dunne:   Roads of Old Tralee.   Tides
15. Liz & Yvonne Kane:   3 Paddy Fahy Reels.
               In Memory of Paddy Fahy
16. Paddy O’Brien: The Yellow Tinker/The Sally Gardens.
Paddy O’Brien 1922 - 1991
17. Roger Sherlock & Mary Conroy:
Duke of Leinster & his Wife.  Memories of Sligo
18. Dezi Donnelly & Mike McGoldrick:

      An Buachaillin Dreoite/The Lark in the Morning.  
           Dog in the Fog  
19. John Regan & Patsy Moloney:
   McGettick’s No 2/Mist on the Mountain. Over the Bog Road
20. Ushers Island:  Johnny Doherty’s/The 4 Courts/Jenny’s Chickens           
21. Bothy Band:Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. After Hours

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                           Copperplate Podcast 275
                          presented by Alan O'Leary
                                     October 2022

1. Danu: The Garsun Who Beat His Father.  All Things Considered
2. Le Cheile: 
Seanamhach Tube Station/Jui’s/Munster Buttermilk.                          Out of the West                                                           
3. Brenday McAuley:  The Crooked Road/ Temple na Ghleanntain.
The McCartneys of Pennyburn                                                                                             4. Mick Sands & Clive Carroll: Lough Erne’s Shore.  
The Ominous & The Luminous
5. John Bowe & Kevin Taylor:
Kitty in the Lane/Paddy Kelly’s. The Contradiction  
6. John Carty & Brian Rooney:
The Bunch of Green Rushes/The Stone in the Field/Corry Hilly. At Complete Ease   
7. Lisa Knapp:
Bonnie at Morn.  Diversions
8. Peter McAlinden: 
The Piper Through The Meadow Straying.           Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part
9. Karen Ryan: Mrs Lawrie’s/Karen Ryan’s. The Coast Road
10. Carrig:
        The Piper’s Jig/The Swan Among the Rushes/Behind the Bush in the Garden.  Airs & Graces
11. Brian Rooney: Humours of Scariff/The Green Mountain.             Within A Mile of Kilty 2
12. Helen Roche: Green Grows the Laurel.  Shake the Blossom Early
12. London Lasses:   Humours of Castlefinn/Eileen O’Brien’s/The Enchanted Lady.  The Enchanted Lady
13. Paul Brennan:  London Town. Airs & Graces
14. Kev Boyle/Movies CB: Bon Cabbage. Bon Cabbage

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