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                                  Copperplate Time 417
                               presented by Alan O'Leary

                                       Music & Mischief

1. Bothy Band: Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. After Hours
2. London Lasses:
Mother & Child/Shoemaker’s Daughter/Milliner’s Daughter. The One I Loved the Best
3. The Drunken Gaugers:
Thrupenny Bit/Joy of My Life/Farewell to Philip Lane.
Drunken Gaugers                                                                               
4. Alfi:  
The Drink Song.   Wolves in the Wood
5. Caoimhin O’Fearghaill & Paddy Tutty:
Tapping Toes/Fr Kelly’s Farewell.    Flute & Fiddle
6. The Boruma Trio:
 Joe Bane’s/Green Gowned Lass.   Gléas
Rita Gallagher: Erin’s Green Shore. The Heathery Hill
8. Niamh Ní Charra:
      The Copper Mines of Killarney/Covering Ground/Andy De Jarlis.             
Donnelly’s Arm
9. Matt Molloy: Porthole of the Kelp/Streams of Poulaphoucha.          Back to the Island
10. Bobby Casey Colonel Fraser/Toss the Feathers.
           The Spirit of West Clare
11. Paddy O’Brien: Spike Island Lasses/Dowd’s Fave.
Paddy O’Brien 1922 - 1991
12. Open the Door For 3:   Creeping Jane.   The Joyful Hour
13. Bothy Band: Pipe on the Hob/Hag at the Churn. After Hours
14. Dan Brouder: The Maggie Pickin/Turn Hill.  The Lark’s Air
15. Dezi Donnelly: Fisherman’s Island/Lads of Laois
Familiar Footsteps
16. Danu:
10.000 Miles.  10,000 Miles.
17. June McCormack & Michael Rooney:
He Wishes for the Cloths of Heavan/Reconciliation Jig.   Draíocht
18. Michael Sheehy:
                O’Sullivan’s /O’Callaghan’s Polkas.   The Cat’s Rambles
19. Jackie Daly & Matt Cranitch:   
                  Catskill Capers/The Bog-Cotton Reel.  Rolling On
20. Bowe/Sherlock/Burke/Taylor: Lads of Laois/Maudabawn Chapel/Queen of May/Anderson’s.    Private Recording
21. Bothy Band: Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. After Hours

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                                 Copperplate Time 416
                               presented by Alan O'Leary

                                       Music & Mischief
1. Bothy Band: Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.  After Hours
2. Dervish:
Rakes of Clonmel/The Cuil Aodh Jig/Out on the Road.                 Travelling Show                          
3. Angelina Carberry & Dan Brouder:
Green Grow the Rushes O/Stirling Castle/Lady Ramsey’s Strathspey.      Back in Time                                                                                 
4. June McCormack & Michael Rooney:
Drag Her Around the Road/James Murray’s #2.   Draíocht
5. Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh: Cailín na nÚrla Donn.  
            Róisín Reimagined
6. John Regan & Patsy Moloney:
The Wily Old Batchelor/West End HP. Over The Bog Road         
7. Liz & Yvonne Kane:
Rosemary Lane/Paddy Fahey’s/Bernie from Brittas.                               In Memory of Paddy Fahey
9. Sean Tyrrell/Ronan Browne/Kevin Glackin:
      The Man for Galway/Rambling Pitchfork. 
And So the Story Goes
10. Mulcahy Family:
        The Fox in the Thatch/Snow on the Mountains/Kilyglass Lakes.            The Reel Note
11. Máirtín O’Connor The Road West.  The Road West
12. John McEvoy: The Crib of Perches/The Tinker’s Stick/Come Up to the Room.     The Pride of the West
13. Andy Martyn & John Carty:  
Caught in the Surf/Good Man Noel.   Will We Give It A Go?
14. Niamh Dunne: The Raven. Tides
15. Tommy Fitzharris & Donal McCague:
           The Bank of Turf/The Moving Bog.  The Banks of Turf
16. The Boruma Trio:
             The Happy Man/Paddy Taylor’s.   The Boruma Trio
17. Mick O’Brian & Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh:
        The Dublin Lads/In The Tap Room/The Liffey Banks.  Deadly Buzz
18. Johnny Connolly:
    Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Paidin Ó Raiifarthaigh.  The Swallows Tail
19. London Lasses: Scatter the Mud/Courtown Harbour/The Holly Bush. The One I Loved the Best
20. Dezi Donnelly & Mike McGoldrick:  
         Humours of Carrigaholt/The Ladies Cup of Tea.  Dog in the Fog
21. Ralph McTell: Song for Ireland. Right Side Up
22. Sandy Denny: Late November. I’ve Always Kept A Unicorn
23. Bothy Band:Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. After Hours

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                                    Copperplate Time 414
                                 presented by Alan O'Leary

                                  Return to London Town Review

1. Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.  After Hours
2. Dezi Donnelly & Mike McGoldrick:
Humours of Lissadell/Queen of May/Sweeney’s Dream. Dog in the Fog 
3. John Regan & Patsy Moloney:   
Moloney’s Wife/Newly Married Couple.  Down the Bog Road
4. Maggie Boyle:
Gweebarra Shore. Gweebarra
5. Paul Boyle:  The Doon/The Traveller.  Private Recording
6. Andy Martyn:
Farewell to Cailroe/One of Gabe’s/The Blackthorn.             Will We Give It A Go?                                                     
7. Sorcha Costello & Mary Costello: The Greencastle HP/The Long Note Rushes/The Star of Munster.  The Lady’s Cup of Tea
8. Jackie Daly & Matt Cranitch:  
Ask My Father/Jack of All Trades Time. Rolling On          
9. Tommy Fitzharris & Donal McCague:
            Paddy in London/Jackie Small’s/The Reaper.  The Bank of Turf
10. Peter McAlinden: The Concert/Michael Dwyer’s. Happy To Meet
Karen Ryan:
   The Galway Reel/Musical Priest/Sailor on the Rock.  The Coast Road
12. Máire Ní Chathasaigh:  Stay Where You Are, You Rogue/The House Keeper/Petticoat Loose.   Sibling Revelry
13. Brid Harper & Dermot Byrne:  
The Knotted Chord/Coast if Austria/The 1st Century Reel.  Brid Harper
14. Liz & Yvonne Kane:   Emily’s Buzz/Johnny Phádraic Phiotair/One For Lee.  In Memory of Paddy Fahy
15. Colm O’Donnell: Horses & Ploughs. Farewell to Evening Dances
16. Hungry Grass: The Field Behind the Plough. Hungry Grass
17. Bobby Casey:  The Garden of Daisies.  Taking Flight
18. Patsy Moloney: Humours of Carrigaholt/Donal O’Phumpa.
The Temple in the Glen.
19. Ralph McTell:  From Clare to Here. Right Side Up
20. Mick O’Brien & Caoimhín O’Raghallaigh:
Farewell to Ireland/The Maid in the Cherry Tree/Mistress of the House. Deadly Buzz
21. Bothy Band: Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. After Hours

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                                Copperplate Podcast 276
                               presented by Alan O'Leary
                                         November 2022
. Danu:  The Garsun Who Beat His Father.   All Things Considered
2. Macalla: 
Blackberry Blossom/Lord McDonald’s/Vincent Brodrick’s.                           Women of Ireland
3. Mike McGoldrick & Dezi Donnelly:
The Kilavil Jig/The Fox in the Town/Peter Byrne’s Jig.
Dog in the Fog                                                                                                               
4. Sean Tyrrell:  
Dan O’Hara.  And So The Story Goes
5. Sean O’Riada & Ceoltoirí Chualann:
March of the King of Laois. O’Riada sa Gaiety  
6. John Regan & Patsy Moloney:
Lad O’Beirne’s No 3/The Leitrim Lilter. Over the Bog Road   
7. Andy Martyn:
The Caha Mountains/McKenna Country.               Will We Give it A Go?
8. Rita Gallagher: 
Craggie Hill.   The May Morning Dew
9. Karen Ryan: Plains of Boyle/McGlinchey’s HP/Walsh’s.            
The Coast Road
10. Patsy Moloney:  The Sweetheart Reel/Farewell to London.
The Temple in the Glen
11. Paddy Keenan: Colonel Fraser/My Love is in America.                     Paddy Keenan
12. Michael Sheehy: The Weaver’s Delight/Dan O’Leary’s/The Blue Riband.  The Cat’s Rambles
13. Brian Rooney: The Haymaker/Mullingar Races.                         
              Within A Mile of Kilty 2
12. Danu:  The Poor Man’s Fortune/TheLong Strand/Gan Ainm.  10.000 Miles


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