Copperplate Podcast
Check for availability 65 minutes of good Irish traditional music.

                   Copperplate Time 430
               presented by Alan O'Leary

                    Music & Mischief
1. Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.  After Hours
2. Solas:  
The Bird in the Tree. Another Day
3. Christy Moore:  
St Patrick Was A Gentleman/The Crack Was 90.
Masters of their Craft
4. John Bowe:  The Drunken Sailor. 
John Bowe & Mary Conroy
5. Bobby Casey:  Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie/My Love in in America.        The Spirit of West Clare
6. Liam O’Flynn
The Sailor’s Cravat/I Am Waiting for You.       The Fine Art of Piping                                  
Niamh Parsons:   Sweet Daffodil Mulligan.  
Kind Providence

8. Trian:  The Little Man in his Brown Shoes/Ducks in a Row/The Butterfly Reel/Pauline Conneely’s. Trian 2
9. Patsy Moloney:
 Dooney Rock/Paddy Fahy’s. 
Temple in the Glan
10. Paddy Cronin:
    The Girl Who Broke My Heart/Tom Steele.  Kerry’s Own
11. The Baileys:   Danny Boy.    Song For Ireland
12. Caoimhin O’Fearghaill:
             La le Padraig.  Uilleann Piping from Waterford

13. Paddy Carty & Conor Tully:  
             Molly Bhan/Ryan’s Rant.  Trad Music of Ireland
14. Jean Carignean: Humours of Lisadel/Doctor Gilbert.                    Archive

15. John Carty & Mike McGoldrick:  
     Stepping Stones/McShane’s Rambles.   At Our Leisure
16. Solas/Deirdre Scanlon:  All That You Ask Me.             
Another Day
17. The Kane Sisters:   Eddie Kelly’s/Paddy Fahy’s.    
             In Memory of Paddy Fahy
18. Terry Clarke & Rosie Flores:   Back to The Well.              
The Heart Sings
19. Doc Watson:  The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band.
The Vanguard Years
20. Terry Clarke:   Irish Rockabilly Blues. The Heart Sings
21. Bothy Band: Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill. After Hours

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