Copperplate Podcast
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                    Copperplate Time 472
                presented by Alan O'Leary
1. Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.    After Hours
Patrick Street:  McKenna’s Jigs. Live from Patrick Street
3. Island Eddy: Larry Redican’s/The Leitrim Lilter. Island Eddy
4. Solas:    Pastures of Plenty.     Reunion

5. Niamh Ni Charra: Copper Mines of Killarney/Counting Ground/Andy de Jarlis.   Donnelly’s Arm 
6. Cillian Vallely & David Doocey:
The West Clare Railway/Jug of Punch.  The Yew & The Orchard
7. Dick Gaughan:
Erin Go Bragh.    Handful of Earth
8. Ceoltoiri Chullann: 
Winnie Hills of Leitrim.  O’Riada sa Gaiety

9. Sean Keane
: Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie/Connaught Heifers.
                 Seoda Ceoil
. Liam Kelly: Phyllis’s Birthday/Patsy Hanley’s/The Devils of Dublin.    Sweetwood
11. Mick O’Brien & Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh: 
An Buailteoir Aerach/The Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land.  
                         Deadly Buzz

12. Frank Harte:
The Lambeg Drummer. 
Masters of Tradition                             
13. Noel Hill:      An Phis Fluich/The Fisherman’s Fave.
Live in New York 
14. John Regan & Patsy Moloney:
Old Limerick Reel/Donald Blue.
                 Over the Bog Road

Ralph McTell:
  Song for Ireland.   Right Side Up
:  Swallows Tail.  Spirit
Johnny Cash: 40 Shades of Green.   Download
18. Neil Mulligan:  Stor Moi Chroi.  An Tobar Gle
19. Crawford/Farrell/Doocey:  Mouse in the Jug.  Music & Mischief
20. Altan:  An Bóthar Mor/Tommy People’s/Is Cuma Liom.  Donegal
21. Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours

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                                   Copperplate Time 471
                                    presented by Alan O'Leary

1. Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours
2. Reeltime:  
Master McDermott’s/The Plough & The Stars/Dillon Brown.  Reeltime
3. Drunken Gaugers: Doherty’s/Munster Reel/The Hare’s Paw.   The Drunken Gaugers

4. Andy Irvine/Patrick Street: My Son in America. Live from Patrick Street

5. Sorcha Costello:Old Torn Petticoat/The Primrose Lass/Heather Breeze.The Primrose Lass 
6. Sharon Newton Creasey: The Ghost’s Welcome/Big Pat’s Reel/The Doga Among the Bushes/Sean sa Cheo.     Auchensail
7. Danu:
The Kinnegad Slashers/Young Tom Ennis/The Battering Ram.   All Things Considered
8. Leonard Barry:   
Mount Pheobus Hunt.    New Road

9. Dervish
:  Boots of Spanish Leather. Spirit
Kane Sisters: The Road to Glin/The Low Road to Glin/The Whistler of Rosslea.
Under the Diamond
11. Raymond Roland & Bobby Casey: 
The Road to the Goleen. Trad Music from Galway & Clare
12. David Power & Willie Kelly: 
Bimis ag Ól/The Yellow Wattle. Apples in Winter                             
13. Ron Kavana:  Galway to Graceland.   Galway to Graceland
14. Johnny Og Connolly:
The Keel Row/Barndance Gan Ainm.  Fear Inis Bearachain
James Morrison & John  McKenna:
The Tailor’s Thimble/The Red Haired Lass.Trad Irish 78s
Mary Dillon/Deanta:
Where Are You Tonight?  Whisper of a Secret
16. Seamus Ennis:  The Trip We Took Over the Mountain.  The Pure Drop

17. Daithi Gormley:  Cottage in the Grove/Finbarr Dwyer’s/Morrison’s Duke of Leinster.  
Fiddling Without A Bow

18. Paul Brennan:  My Bonni Blue Eyed Lassie.  Airs & Graces
19. The Bucks:   Dancin’ to the Ceili Band.   Dancin’ to the Ceili Band
20. Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours

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                                    Copperplate Time 470
                               presented by Alan O'Leary

1Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours
2. Donal Lunny Sult Band:  
Connaught Heifers/The Hunter’s Purse.  Spirit of the Music
3. Altan: An Gasúr Dána/An Ghirseach Dholba/Ril na mBreac Beadai   Donegal

4. Delores Keane & Mick Hanley:  My Love is in America. Bringing It All Back Home

5. Michelle Mulcahy: Máirseáil Alasdrium/Maguire’s Kick.   Lady on the Island
6. Cillian Vallely & David Doocey:  
The Cidar Shack/Bolt the Door/I’d Rather be Married than Left.   The Yew & The Orchard
7. Eamonn Cotter:
Lady Gordon & Lord Gordon’s. Trad Music from Clare
8. Daoiri Farrell:   
The Wedding Above in Glencree.   The Wedding Above in Glencree 

9. Providence:
Road to Lisdoonvarna/Carthy’s Reel/Mermaid of Mullaghmore. A Fig for a Kiss
10. Dezi Donnelly & Mike McGoldrick:  Lucy Campbell/The Jolly Tinker.   At Our Leisure
11. Mary McPartlan: 
Wild Mountain Side. Petticoat Loose                             
12. Declan Masterson:  Down the Back Lane/Kit O’Mahony’s.  Tropical Trad
13. Dervish
:  Siesta Set. Spirit
14. Leonard Barry: Tom Busby’s/Humours of Ballingarry.   Littoral
Incredible String Band:  
The Hedge Hog Song.The Layers of the Onion
16. Dezi Donnelly & Mike McGoldrick:  
Walls of Liscarroll/Rooney’s Fave/Connaughtman’s Rambles.   Dog in the Fog

17. Oonagh Derby:  Silver Shoes. Lasses. Harmony Street
18. Ralph McTell:  A Close Shave.  Hill of Beans
19. Judy Collins:   My Father.   Who Know Where the Time Goes
20. Gerry Rafferty: Right Down the Line. Very Best Of
21. Bothy Band:  Green Groves/Flowers of Red Hill.   After Hours

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Copperplate Podcast 293                                   presented by Alan O'Leary
              May 2024          

1. Danu:  The Garsun Who Beat His Father.  All Things Considered
2. Teada:
Sarah’s Delight/Paddy Seán Nancy’s/The Ireland We Knew/The Ewe Reel.
Inné Amárach.

3 Rita Gallagher: The May Morning Dew. The May Morning Dew
4. Mick O’Brien: 
The May Morning Dew/Sporting Nell. May Morning Dew
5. Caoimhin O’Fearghaill & Paddy Tutty:
                   Kilglass Lake/Farewell to Ballinahula.
  Flute & Fiddle
6. Johnny Connolly:    New Mown Meadow/Boil The Breakfast Early.   An Mileoidean Scaoilte
7. Eilis Kennedy:  
Who Knows Where the Time Goes.   Time to Sail
Aube Mauve/Mouse in the Mouse/The Cuil Aodh/Monaghan Twig. 
Music & Mischief 
9. Sorcha Costello: 
Lawson’s HP/Spellan’s Fiddle. The Primrose Lass                 
10. Dan Brouder: Eddie Kelly’s/The Sailor’s Cravat/Miss Johnston.   The Lark’s Air
11. Mick Sands:   Autobiography.   The Ominous & The Luminous
12. Urnua:
The Flying Magpies/A Roll of the Dice/Just Another Dilemma.  Urnua
13. Mick & Aoife O’Brien & Emer Mayock: 
Johnny’s Gone to France/The Highlander’s Kneebuckle/Lady O’Brien.   
                 More Tunes from Goodman Manuscripts                                                              
14. Cillian Vallely & David Doocey:
 Micky Callaghan’s Fancy/The Glentown Reel/The Fair Haired Boy/O’Reilly’s Greyhound.   
            The Yew & The Orchard


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