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 Copperplate Podcast 208                                            
 presented by Alan O'Leary
          February  2017

1. Paddy GlackinTop It Off.    Glackin
2.Mick Conneely & David Munnelly:
The Jolly Tinker/The Yellow Tinker/The Longford Collector.           'Tis What It Is
 3. Patsy Hanley: Ah Surely/Martin Wynne's. 2nd Jimmy McHugh Concert
4. Mick O'Brien & Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh: An Buailteoir Aerach/The Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land. Deadly Buzz
5. Deirdre Scanlan: Down By Blackwaterside. 2nd Jimmy McHugh Concert
            Mick O'Brien & Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh: Aoibhinn Cronan/The Hopstores/Lily of the Valley. Deadly Buzz
6. Tony MacMahon & James Kelly:  
College Groves/The Floggin' Reel.                                                           MacMahon From Clare
7. Donal Clancy: Rosin The Bow.         Songs of A Roving Blade
8. Brid Harper: Mrs Carroll's Strathspey/Marquis of Huntly/Beautiful Gortree. Brid Harper
9. Catherine McEvoy:
The Curskeagh Lasses/Billy Brocker's. The Home Ruler
10. Niamh Dunne:
Foxy Devil.  Portraits
            Brendan Hendry & Jonny Toman:The Crosses of                    Annagh/Cousin Sally Brown. Living Roots

11. The Hydes:  Muddy Water. Green & Blue
            Goitse:   Chance.         Inspired B Chance
12, Brian Conway: The Peeler's Jacket/Lucy Campbell/Humours of Westport.   Consider The Source
13. Donncha O'Briain & Family: Tom Martin/Green Fields of Rossbeigh/Jenny Picking Cockles. Donnacha O'Briain                

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 Copperplate Podcast 207                                                                          presented by Alan O'Leary
        January  2017

1. Paddy Glackin: Top It Off.  Glackin
2.Island Eddy:
Larry Redigan's/The Leitrim Lilter. Island Eddy
Christy O'Leary & Bert Deivert:Green Grow The Laurel. Songs Sweet Caress
 3. Niamh Nic Charra: Wade Hampton's/The Nightingale. From Both Sides  
4. Catherine McEvoy McGovern's/The Casagh Reel/Martin Ansboro's                                                                                             The Home Ruler
            Padraic O'Reilly: Madame Bonaparte. Down The Ivory Stairs 
5. Tommy Peoples:    Imelda Roland's/I Am Waiting For You. 
Recorded At Fiddler's Hearth
6. Rita Gallagher:  The Wounded Hussar.   The May Morning Dew
   Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy: Repeal of the Union/My Sweetheart Jane.  The Wind Among The Reeds
7. Eileen O'Brien & Lar Gavin:  
Cutting The Hay/The Smiling Lady
                                                   2nd Jimmy McHugh Concert
8. The Hydes: 
Green & Blue/Land's End. Green & Blue
9. Raw Bar Collective:  Joe Burke's  /The Upperchurch/The Lonesome.  
                                                         Millhouse Measures
10. Cillian & Niall VallelyThe Old Bush/Pretty Girls of Mayo/The Tinker's  
                                           Reel/Miss McDonald.
Callan Bridge

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