Copperplate Podcast 192
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August 2016
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Copperplate Podcast 202                                            presented by Alan O'Leary
         August  2016

1. Paddy Glackin:   Top It Off.        Glackin
2.Caladh Nua:       
Humours of Ballyloughlin Set.            Happy Days
3. Eilis Kennedy:   Nead na Lachan.                               Time to Sail
            Damien Mullane:       The Orphan.                     13
4. Liz & Yvonne Kane:            3 & A Deer/Pangur Ban.   Side By Side
5. Joe Derrane/Seamus Connolly/John McGann:
Dash to Portobello/McFarley's/Geeghan's Reel. The Boston Edge
            Cillian Vallely
:   Port na bPucai.                         The Raven's Rock
6. Teada: Tom Connor's HP/The Joy of My Life/Handy With The Stick   Teada
7.Mick Sands & Clive Carroll: Lough Erne's Shore. The Ominous & The Luminous
 8. Peter McAlinden: The Piper Through The Meadow Straying. Happy To Meet
9. Niamh ni Charra:               The Belles of South Boston         Happy Out.
10. Goitse:
                Ireland's Green Shore.                     Inspired by Chance
11. Mulcahy Family:  Galway Rambler/Morning Dew/Boston Irish Reel.
The Reel Note
12. We Banjo 3:       
Chair Snapper's Delight.                     String Theory

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                     Copperplate Podcast 201                                          presented by Alan O'Leary
                           July  2016

1. Paddy Glackin:           Top It Off.                         Glackin
2. Danu:                         
From Kerry to Donegal.       Buan
3. The Baile                    The Homes of Donegal.       A Song for Ireland
            Paddy Glackin:   The Pinch of Snuff/The Wild irishman.  Glackin

  1. Rita Gallagher:             The Flower of Magherally. The May Morning Dew
                 Brid Harper:    
    The Flower of Sweet Strabane/Greenfields of Glentown/Farewell to Ireland/The Flower of Sweet Strabane. Brid  Harper
    5. Cillian Vallely:           The Boys of Ballycasatle.  The Raven's Rock
    6. John Regan & Paddy Glackin: The Maid At The Spinning Wheel/A Visit to Ireland.            Let Down The Blade

7. We Banjo 3:                  Martin Wynne's 2 & 3/The Coalminer's Reel.
                                                                          Roots of the Banjo Tree
8. Liam KellyPhylis's Birthday/Patsy Hanley's/The Devils of Dublin. Sweet Wood
9. Chris Droney:  Reel of Mullinavat/Whistling Postman/Chattering Magpie.
                                                                           Down from Bell Harbour
10. Goitse:
                             The Hills of Sweet Lislea.     Inspired by Chance
11. Island Eddy:            Breton March/Mollyy Bawn/Dan Cleere's. Island Eddy.   
12. Cullian Vallely:        Cottage in the Glen/Kiss The Maid/Master Crowley's.
                                                                                       The Raven's Rock
13. London Lasses       
Scatter The Mud/Courttown Harbour/The Holly Bush.
The One I Love The Best
14. Paddy Glackin:
        Top It Off/The Sunny Banks.       Glackin

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