Copperplate Podcast
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    Copperplate Time 452
                    presented by Alan O'Leary

                25th Return to London Preview
1. Bothy Band:  Green Groves.  After Hours
2. London Lasses:
Dainty Dinny Cronin/Moving in Old Decency/Balintore Fancy/Over the Moor to Peggy.   LL 25th Anniversary Album
Noel Hill:  An Phis Fluich/The Fisherman’s Jig.   Live in New York
4. Páraic MacDonnchadha:
            Paddy Kelly’s/Tommy Coen’s.  Not Before Time
5. James Carty:  Jimmy Philbin’s/The Wandering Minstrel. 
                Hiding Daylight in Dark Places

6. Harry Bradley:  
Paddy Mills’s/The Lady on the Island.   As I Carelessly Did Stray  
7. Pádraic Keane:    
The Three Blackbirds.      Rogha Raelach Vol 1
8. Sailog Ní Cheannabhain:
Sabhbh Thomas, Tom’s Duke of Leinster/Tom’s Colliers. 
                   Rogha Raelach Vol 1
9. John Carty & Mike McGoldrick:  The Groves HP.   At Our Leisure
10. Brendan McAuley:  The Crooked Road/Temple an.Ghleanntain.              The McCartneys of Pennyburn
11. Sean & Frankie Gavin:

        The  Primrose Vale/Leitrim Fancy.  Fierce Traditional

12. Sorcha Costello & Mary MacNamara: 
Old Man Dillon/The Mouse in the Cupboard.
The Lady’s Cup of Tea
13. Mick O’Connor & Tom O’Connell:
    McHugh’s/The American Jig.   “It Was Great Altogether 
14. Peter McAlinden:   
   The Limestone Rock/Josie McDermott’s. 
Happy to Meet
Karen Ryan:   Kitty’s Rambles/Kitty of Oulart/An Rogaire Dubh.   The Coast Road
16. Dan Brouder & Angelina Carberry: Curlews in the Bog/Tommy Peoples/Minsignor’s Blessing. A Waltz for Joy
17. Mary McPartlan:  A Rainy Night in Soho.  
The Holland Handkerchief

18. Ralph McTell:  
From Clare to Here.    Live in London  
19. Andy Irvine:Never Tire of the Road. Rain on the Roof
Bothy Band:  Green Groves.  After Hours

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                    Copperplate Time 451
                 presented by Alan O'Leary

                        Feile Liam O’Flynn
1. Bothy Band:  Green Groves.  After Hours
2. Hendry, Mulholland & McSherry:
Fox on the Town/In the Tap Room/The Belfast Traveller.     Tuned Up
3. Planxty: 
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O/Tabhair Dom Da Lamh.   Planxty 1

4. Noel Hill:  Dr Gilbert’s/The Road to Garrison. 
Live in New York
5. Mary Bergin: The Lady on the Island/The Concert Reel.   Feadoga Stáin 1
6. Niall, Terry & Kieran Crehan:  
      The Maids of Mt Kisco/The Chicago Reel.
Private Recording  

7. Daithi Gormley:
         Cottage in the Glen/Finbarr Dwyer’s/Morrison’s Duke of Leinster.      Fiddling Without a Bow
8. Gerry O’Connor & Gerry O’Connor:
American Polka/Kingdom Coming.   Last Night’s Joy
9. Nell Ní Chrónin:  Eochaill.   Rogha Raelach Vol 1   
10. Laoise Kelly & Tiarnán O’Duinnchinn:  
     Comb Your Hair \& Curl It/Dusty Miller/Rocky Road to Dublin.     On The Shoulders of Giants
11. Sean Keane:
Jennie’s Welcome to Charlie/The Connaught Heifers.  Seoda Ceoil
12. The Dublin Lasses:  Vincent Brodrick’s Barndances.
The Dublin Lasses
13. Gay McKeon: Maid in the Cherry Tree/Colonel Fraser 
Irish Piping Tradition                                                        
14. Joe Cooley & Joe Leary:   
      Humours of Tulla/The Skylark/Roaring Mary.
Sean Ach Donnchadh:  The Whistling Thief.
The Lark in the Morning
16. Joe McKenna: An Buachaill Dreoite/Jackie Tar.
The Pride of Pimlico
17. Kevin Conneff:  Paddy’s Lamentation.
The Pride of Pimlico
18. Angelina Carberry:  
Paddy Kelly’s/The Log       Cabin/Mayor Harrison’s Fedora.    An Traidisilin Beo  
19. Planxty:  Táimse Im’ Chodladh.  Words & Music
Bothy Band:  Green Groves.  After Hours

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                 Copperplate Podcast 286                                      presented by Alan O'Leary
                           October 2023     

  1. Danu:  The Garsun Who Beat His Father.
      All Things Considered
    2. Danu:
    The Poor Man’s Fortune/The Long Strand.                 
    10,000 Miles
    3. Bert Jansch:  October Song. Crimson Moon    
    4. Tommy Peoples:
             Ban Chnoic Éireann O/Trip to Durrow.  Tommy Peoples
    5. Mary McPartlan:The Tide Full In.
    The Holland Handkerchief
    6. Danny Meehan:
    Kitty Seán Barndance/Jamsey Byrne’s Downfall.     Navy on the Shore
    7. Clannad:   
    Coinleach Ghlas an Fhómair.   Clannad 2

    8. Frank Cassidy:  
    Tiarna Muigh Eo/Down the Broom. 
    Níl gar ann!
    9. Liam O’Flynn & Mark Knopfler:    An Droichead.
    Masters of Their Trade  
    10. Noel Hill: The Ladies Pantalettes/Ravelled Hank of Yarn/Sean Reid’s/Silver Spear.     Live in New York
    11. Nell Ní Chróinín & Danu:  10,000 Miles.  10.000 Miles
    12.  Dan Brouder & Angelina Carberry:  
    The Rolling Rocks of Glan/The River Meadow Reel.                  
    Back in Time
    13. Paddy Glackin: The Cup of Tea/John Doherty’s Reel.        
    14. Kevin Boyle/The Movies CB: Bon Cabbage. Bon Cabbage
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