Copperplate Podcast
Check for availability 65 minutes of good Irish traditional music.

                      Copperplate Podcast 249                                                                          presented by Alan O'Leary
                                   July 2020

1. Paddy GlackinTop It Off.    Glackin
2. Jake Walton:
We Are the Music Makers.  Silver Muse
3. Liz & Yvonne Kane:
Farewell to Eyrecourt/Stone in the                                       Field/Paddy Fahy’s.    Side By Side
4. Leonard Barry:  Kitty Got A Clinking/Sarah’s Reel/
                       The Bog Carrot.
New Road
5. Jerry Lynch: 
Hard Times. The Dawning of the Day
6. Patsy Moloney: The Fairy Wind. Temple in the Glen
7. Bobby Casey: 
 Dr Gilbert/Queen of May. Maestro
8. Eilis Kennedy: Ciumhais Charraig Aonair.  So Ends This Day
9.  Johnny Og Connolly: Suantrai James & Eilidh Patricia.
                               Fear Inis Bearachain
10. Mick McAuley/Solas: 
Michael Conway.  Shamrock City
11. Kevin Burke : Canyon Moonrise. Sligo Made
12. Murphy/Canny/O’Loughlin/Cotter:
The Kid on the                         Mountain/Kitty Come Down.  Friends of Note
13. Bobby Casey: Toss The Feathers/College Groves.  Maestro
14. Eilis Kennedy:
   Petticoat Whalers.  So Ends This Day
15. Rhiannon Giddens/Solas
                      Lay Your Money Down. Shamrock City

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